Happily In Love

I know that this might just be an evanescent teenage relationship, but right now I am just so happy and I feel so lucky with the man that I am with. He is not the handsomest guy in the world, but his attractiveness is just right to be lusted by sexually hungry women. His sense of humor and friendliness also makes other girls crush on him too, but I am just so lucky that at the first time he saw me, he already seized the opportunity to make me his. He has an aura of innocence around him, although he would insist that he’s far from that. I was single for two years in college and that period was very hard for me, being a Libra who loves to be in love, because all the guys that I got involved with eventually retreat from wooing me either because they discovered that they don’t like all aspects of my personality or because of some sick rumors jealous people make about me. From their mistakes, I made a checklist of my ideal man. He has to be very masculine, athletic, dominant, takes care of me, treats me like a princess, overprotective, not minding rumors about me, and very proud of me. Guess what? The moment 2014 came, the universe immediately granted my wish. I didn’t know it at that time but as I got to know him, I was so certain that he embodied all the qualities that I wished for in a partner.

There were already many moments that I’m like this, idealizing my boyfriend like some sort of a prince charming, but I cannot let this moment pass by now. He is very sexually attractive, and we both wanted to have sexual intercourse because we’re already past 18 and we are completely in love, but I’m still a virgin even though we’re already together for more than a year. Sometimes I find myself pressuring him to please deflower me but he really refuses. He’s already contented with hugs and kisses and a little teeny bit of lovemaking, because he hates seeing me hurt. He’s already fucked more than ten girls, and refusing to have sex with me makes me think of how much he loves me because he respects me as a woman and saves the real sexual experience between us in our honeymoon. Another thing that I like about him is that he always shows me off to his friends and family, always puts me in a pedestal, and is not afraid of PDAs when he’s with me. Whenever we go to church together, he gets really touchy (in a protective way) and kisses me on the lips during the “peace be with you” time. His touches really make me feel how fond he is of me. You know, I can go on forever saying everything that he does for me. He’s really hard and masculine, but he gets really soft when it comes to me. He does things that he hate to make me happy like taking long walks searching for isaw. And he also always carries my bag when we go out so I wouldn’t have to carry anything. He loves it when I cook for him and even helps me. We’re even like partners-in-crime in the kitchen because we experiment with some ingredients so we always eat weird but yummy stuff. I am just so lucky to finally meet my match. We are so in love that we can die right now.

I am not yet sure whether my boyfriend is the one that I will marry, but I am so glad that I ended up with him. Two of my ex-boyfriends have gotten their girlfriends pregnant just recently, so hardships are in store for them right now. Deep inside I feel thankful that I am not the one they impregnated, but if I’m gonna be really honest, I feel a little bit of sadness and a huge amount of joy feeling that I am finally avenged by unseen forces. I still feel the need to show them how happy, successful, and beautiful I will be for the next years that will come to show them that they lost a rare and precious jewel. Meanwhile, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world with my boyfriend. I am so taken care of, and I really feel like a princess in our dates because he is so prince-like and I always wear pretty dresses for him. This period in my life feels like great relief because in the past few years, I was always taken for granted like some kind of a germ. Now I am surrounded by people who love me for me. My bestfriend, high school clique, boyfriend, family, and relatives that surround our house. Everywhere I turn, there’s always someone who loves me. And amidst all of them, I can say that my boyfriend is the greatest person that reflects the love of the universe for me. :) 


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