A New World of Occult, Medieval Punishment, and Nonconformity

They say that Russia is (or was) a backward country, but I say that the whole world is backward. There are so many problems and sufferings not just among the human race but among all the creatures of the earth, so how can we not be a backward planet? Throughout the history of human race, there are many recorded (or just noticed) UFO landings and crashes that are presumably extraterrestrial in origin. I personally think that these extraterrestrial beings have taken fancy in the human race or in the earth itself because of the ways that we go on living our lives. Some capitalists earn two million dollars per day while most children in Africa are dying of starvation. Isn’t that ironic? We’re not really sure if these aliens wanted to help or wanted to take advantage of our current situation. But what I think is that these UFO landings are a result of the scandals that earth has shown that made their way into the universal newspaper.

The problems in the earth are divided into political, economic, and social – although these three are certainly interrelated. If my own personal opinions are welcomed together with the facts, then I’ll bluntly say that I never really focus on these world problems partly because I don’t care (I’m not proud of it) and partly because I am not aware of the facts. One political problem that I see is that democracy is not serving its highest purpose anymore. I understand that this governmental system existed after people realized that the monarchical system is only a fancy and idealistic show of a king, a queen, and a castle, and has only created feudalism which is responsible for the social hierarchy that is very non-egalitarian. Democracy existed for a free and equal representation of people and for them to elect their own national leaders – but in the way I see it, it is only the facade of democracy that the government wanted to show. I do not see democracy in the cheatings and murders around the time of elections. People with thick faces use their charisma and proficiency in lying to get to a high political position for money. Nothing else but money. Also, I find the policemen useless. Almost no one is afraid of the police (except for little children maybe) because they aren’t trying so hard anyway. Most of them abuse their power in order to commit crimes themselves. I find them to be really really useless. They’re just like the security guards of prisons. I may be generalizing but watching news about bad policemen, people would really lose their faith in them.

For the economic problems, many would blame capitalism for being responsible for the extreme poverty that’s happening in the world. Well, after reading some articles, I finally lost my prejudice against communism because capitalism is really unfair. It’s like bringing back the monarchy in an economical way. The real power is in the European banks, but they work to protect the interests of the financial capitalists. Now I understand why many people antagonize the US. It is because they are the most corporate-run country in the world and therefore the country that is inhabited by most capitalists. Dangerous capitalists. It is because of money that weird stuff is being produced and exported internationally like foods that are genetically modified (GMO), illegal drugs (which we know can be deadly and dangerous to our psyche), and so on. It’s rare to find fresh merchandises nowadays – most merchandise has undergone factory processes and I have recently known that the hygiene stuff that we put on our bodies either during or after bath (like shampoos and lotions) are bad for our bodies. I am not pushing this information to you people but what I knew from medical intuitives that speak on Youtube is that when you look at the list of ingredients of a product and there is at least one ingredient that you don’t know the meaning of or your grandparents don’t know about (e.g. parabens) then that is risky to our health. We become more and more dependent on processed products that the number of people with chronic illnesses is significantly increasing too. Fruits and vegetables are just around us, looking at us longingly, waiting for us to eat them. It is ironic that the unnoticed foods are those that would bring us back to a state of perfect health.

Meanwhile, I see many social problems in the world, especially regarding the school system. I have a lot of resistance to this because I am a victim of a bad school system when I was in high school. My teachers bullied me too because someone badmouthed me to them, and I thought being (fortunately) admitted to UP would be my revenge. It was a public high school with lots of corruption and unfair treatment to poor students that they wouldn’t benefit from. Going back to the topic, here are the main problems that I see: It is a complete waste of time that students are forced to learn things that they don’t want to learn or are not good at. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and I think it’s better to develop the strengths rather than the weaknesses. A little child is not a brat; it just clearly understands what he/she wants because they are fresher from the spiritual realm. Therefore, if a child is good in art rather than solving math problems which he/she tried hard to steer clear of, it is a better idea to just enrol that child in art classes rather than spend money on tutors that would make him/her good at everything. Nobody is good at everything, let’s be honest. We all have our specialties; and unfortunately for the children who used to lean towards art, they eventually forget their gifts because of the educational system that values science and math more than art, or the left brain over the right brain. It is because society thinks that when people pursue their artistic dreams, they would live happily but poorly, so why not take accountancy or engineering instead? I am really in resistance to that belief that society has. My fourth year in high school was my most rebellious stage, so I picked Literature courses in all of my college admission tests and got accepted. We get discriminated sometimes (especially by people with scientific courses) but we don’t care, as long as we see that there is a beautiful purpose why literature exists.  

I think that most academic institutions especially the public ones (I’m speaking from personal experience) do not really care about children’s well being. Rather, they impose strict rules partly because to avoid chaos and partly because the students are being taught to suppress their inner passions and desires and just be conformist citizens that are easily controlled by people on top of the social hierarchy. Students are forced to learn by using fear, instead of inspiration. Science and math are more valued than art. Imagination is neglected, and there is a clear bias in logic. Schools and universities want children to embrace conformity and are suppressing innovators, who are supposed to be the hope of this world. I am not surprised why science fiction portrays future humans as robotic. Our current system already turns us into robots by suppressing our feelings (seeing it as hindrance for social harmony) and making us conform to the dull ideals of society.

It is hard for one person to come up with an ideal solution for the problems of the world, except when that particular person holds great power internationally, like Barrack Obama for instance. It is those first-world nations, or first-world leaders who really have the power to eradicate the current world order and replace it with a new one that really supports equality. The people at the top have enough power to change the world; but the problem is that they turn a blind eye to people who are starving to death or those who just really need help like the Filipinos in order to satisfy their selfish desires. Rallying is not enough, or not effective, if the people in authority addressed by the rallies are not in a receptive state to those complaints. It is not enough, although it helps a little, that people are aware. The power is in the hands of the government and the rich capitalists, so the burden is in their conscience – if ever they have any.

For the political problems, there should be a strict transparency in the government – meaning the every action of politicians needs to be monitored by the nation through the media. The media should not be biased too; and any signs of bias shown by the media would make them lose their jobs. No secrets are allowed, especially regarding the funds that these politicians just throw for their luxurious lifestyle. I know that transparency cannot be forced – but to make sure that the nation would have a leader with a pure heart, let us not give them any special privileges or high salaries. Let them just have P10,000 more in their salary compared to the ordinary government employees. Let the politicians live ordinary lives to avoid corruption. If they have more salary, they’d have more money to pay killers for their own benefit. The politicians should also not be spared of criminal punishments by the law. It would be unfair for the whole nation. If a politician like Gloria Macapagal Arroyo shows up again in another identity and wreaks havoc on our national economy, then death penalty would be the best punishment for that. Philippine democracy is too weak and an authoritarian government (but still not dictatorial) is what we need to eliminate national parasites. I am still not sure if that is called communism but communism for me is a bit too harsh, dull, and colorless.

I also want to change how the justice system and criminal punishment works. Before, I wanted to be a lawyer to defend innocent people. I didn’t listen when my mother said that lawyers do nothing but lie just to win their cases. That’s not justice at all. However, I realized years later that she was right. Law students at first hope to be lawyers to fight for what is right, but that’s not what happens when they graduate. For them, being a good lawyer is being a good liar. My reason for leaving that dream behind back then was because of my morals (I was extremely religious and adhered to certain rules like not eating pork) but now that I am an “un-religious” person, meaning not adhering to any religion but still believes in a supreme being or Source, I left behind the dream of taking up law because I find it boring, dull, and restrictive. I would just lose years of my life that I could spend with freedom for something that I do not really enjoy doing. Recently I watched a series entitled “How to Get Away with Murder” and I feel outraged by how justice system works which is controlled by connections, manipulation, and greed. We cannot really trust the authorities right now. This is not an original idea but what I plan to do is to bring back the harsh punishment system of the Middle Ages because I think that is more effective than our “permissive” justice system now. The medieval era has very inhumane methods of killing criminals, and that includes the guillotine. I’d like “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” be the main idea of the new justice system. A killer should be killed (the killing depends on the brutality he used on his victims), a thief should have his hand chopped off, and so on. I’d like especially the politicians to be subject to these kinds of punishment because the fate of the whole nation is in their hands. In the French Revolution, they have done it to Louis VI and Marie Antoinette, so why can’t we? But in terms of knowing who is innocent or guilty, the government should hire psychics (people with extrasensory abilities) in order to know who is guilty or not. We cannot trust lawyers.

For the solution for the economic problems, I’m having doubts whether to eradicate capitalism or not. We are living in an exciting world because of capitalism; but on the other hand, it is also the one responsible for the starving people who are probably half or more than half of the world’s population. If I eradicate capitalism, then I would also be eradicating my dream of being a star and being super rich. To alleviate people from poverty, the professionals that will have the biggest amount of salary from the government are those who go into the farthest and poorest towns and help the poor. It is a universal fact that money makes the world go round so I must use money for the greater benefit of the human race. To get rid of poverty, we must not punish the rich or the bourgeoisie because they are rich. We must not make them go down from their level. Instead, the right thing to do is to just alleviate those who are in the lowest of the low into a higher level.

For the social problems of the world, I believe that changing the current educational system would make a large difference for the human race because schools and universities are largely responsible for the development and the molding of people into good citizens of the world. People should get educated according to their strengths, and not force them to focus on their weaknesses, in order to produce a productive society. After all, we are more productive when we are doing what we want to do, right? That way we will not feel like working at all. People are like notes in a guitar. We exist to be in perfect harmony with each other. The D is D and we cannot turn it into C because D has its own purpose which is to be D. C as well. You cannot force it to be like the other notes because C did not exist to be A, B, D, and so on. However, our current educational system forces people to be what they are not. And I do not like it (and I know that most people as well) because after years of schooling, we often forget who we really are and what we would really like to do just to fit in the society’s definition of what a successful person is. I want students to learn from inspiration and not because of fear or a sense of obligation because learning because of the latter reason would not really make a student learn.

I want the new educational system to give art more importance, and therefore making it equal to science. For a long period of time, society has given more importance to the left brain hemisphere. But in this new educational system, I want the integration of both the right and left brain hemisphere because if that happens, you’re unbeatable. Also, I want the new educational system to be open-minded to all religions or to those who decide to have no religion. Some religious schools are really biased in their own religion and think that all other religions are wrong or something like that. I don’t want the future generation to be narrow-minded. The domination of science for a long time has vilified occult, superstitious beliefs, spirituality, and astrology so I think it would make sense if the new educational system would be open to studying occult (no black magic) to uncover the secrets of the universe and to fully accept that there is more to life than what we physically see. Of course these subjects can only be taken by those who are interested. Things like chakra, astrological charts, mercury retrograde, quantum physics, and extraterrestrial beings would be learned by these lucky students. We should have no prejudice against these things because prejudice clouds reason. And most of all, since the new educational system values freedom more than anything else, it would also encourage true self-expression instead of conformity. That is when our true selves will radiate through our bodies. And we will be free at last.

These are the solutions that I have thought of; and I did not necessarily make a new world order like communism because I feel like the world only needed some heavy revisions. This is a new world where the occult is welcome and not demonized, where conformity is eradicated in order for us to express ourselves better, and where the rich people are not brought down but the poor people are brought up in the scale. But if what we aim for is complete equality, then I don’t think it will ever happen. Equality is achieved between two yellow balls of the same size and weight. That’s what I think of equality. We are all made different, yet we all have great purposes and potentials. What we make of ourselves is not for the government or for the world order to decide. I personally think that communism limits us and takes away our freedom even though it may alleviate the poor people from their low state. We need a world that has more freedom, except for the criminal punishment. The solutions that I have offered above may only be implemented with the help of those people in high positions and the richest capitalists. But as individuals, we can only help in small ways that spread positivity in the planet. It may seem idealistic, but I guarantee you that these can help decrease suffering: eating a healthy diet, smiling more, recycling and picking up litter, helping an old person cross the street, taking care of stray animals, complimenting and encouraging someone, giving gifts and hugs, laughing with your friends, inspiring others, adding beauty to the world through creating art or through beautifying yourself, donating money to charitable institutions, and so on. There are unlimited ways. And yes, the world has so many problems, but I advise people to just focus on the solutions and not on the problems because if we believe that the law of attraction governs this universe that we live in, what we focus on is what we will get. Focusing on suffering will result in more suffering. Focusing on the injustice that happens in the world will only make it worse. Therefore, as impractical as this may sound, let us spread positivity and beauty in the world to finally make it a better place. :)


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