On Writing Creatively

I did not really underwent formal trainings on creative writing before, so I still have a long way to writing very well and being on the same level as our great classical writers. However, that won’t stop me from writing because it is for everyone who has something to say about what they want to say. As for me, I always have something to say that I cannot say holding a microphone so I resort to blogging. I just feel good that my essays about anything get published in my blog, because anyone who’s interested can just read. Not everyone around me are interested in what I have to say, so publishing them in my blog  is a good way to just let them come to my writings. Everybody has a right to write – that is, if they feel that it’s their purpose and words just flow out of their hands and they are just effortless regarding that matter. However, I have resistance to people who just read in order to criticize. Every person writes from his/her own perspective; and if you haven’t walked in their shoes, then you have no right to criticize. Besides, everyone is purposely made different.

This semester, I am currently taking Poetry Writing wherein we have to make poems and what we wrote will be closely scrutinized and criticized by the whole class. My first poem was very short and it was about a former friend that I lost for the betterment of our lives. It was very emotional for me; so when it was criticized, I couldn’t prevent my tears from coming out. I felt like I was a failure and that they just antagonized me when I really find my own masterpiece as concealing its sadness under its cheerfulness or cuteness. My next poems were longer and better, yet our professor still found some holes in them. Honestly, I would like to be like those people who just make people gasp in awe with their poem and only positive comments can be given to them, yet I think there’s a disadvantage in that. We enrol in universities and take classes in order to learn – and most of the time, we learn so much from our mistakes. I cannot blame myself for committing mistakes because I didn’t know at that time. At least now I know better. It is only through mistakes, downfalls, and failures that a person is able to stand again more empowered. I did receive harsh comments lately but I noticed that I have less resistance to them now. There is nothing wrong with committing mistakes. On a universal level, we didn’t come down into the earth to just live a life of luxury, beauty, and wealth and always be on top. That would be boring. Life is made beautiful by struggles – that is why we have to be thankful for our mistakes.

Looking back on my first blog posts (I published them on 2011), I feel a little embarrassed about my previous writings because I saw my immaturity and shallowness at that time. Unfortunately I have already deleted some of them; but without these “poor” writings, I wouldn’t have known that I have grown and learned so much. I have changed a bit now while still being me. Just like writing poetry, it’s better to be authentic and true to yourself. For me, just copying the styles of other writers in your poems and not putting your own heart into it just to have a good response from the readers would make a very ugly poem. Our writings are extensions of ourselves and we cannot deny that. Through time, we eventually change our perspectives as we learn from the universe. We only improve because time only goes forward. Just like grasshoppers only hop forward and not backward. As long as we try, for the purpose that we just love writing, our writings will only get better and better through time. 


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