Jaguar: My Animal Totem

Weeks before, I was very curious about what my totem animal is. Before I never thought that this would be so important in our spiritual journey, but now I know what my animal is and I really resonate with the information that I have read about it. My totem animal came to me through a guided meditation.

I came out of the room full of glass and the path was enclosed in vines. It was like a maze. I came to a place which was like the Holy City of God, and the path that I was taking eventually turned into gold. There were less trees than you would expect; and although it was a land of peace, it was very boring compared to the chaotic earth. I was enjoying the fresh air and at the same time being disturbed by the deafening silence. I rested in a spot that I found the most relaxing and it happened to be a very shallow pond with warm and clean water. I soaked myself there as relaxed as I could be. In my mind, I told my totem animal to please come to me, wherever it is – because I really wanted to know what animal it is that guides me throughout my spiritual journey. Behind me, I suddenly felt that there was a tree standing and a sleek animal went down from it. It walked sexily in front of me and I saw that it was a jaguar. During my meditation, I was having thoughts whether it was a panther or a leopard, but I really knew that it was a jaguar. It turns out that those three were closely related also in terms of their powers.

In my research, people with the jaguar as their animal totem are solitary people who can feel and observe everything around them and just pounces on their prey at the right time. They have extreme amounts of power in their being yet they are just not the kind to use up all that energy right away. Jaguar people are definitely the ones who wait for the right time. They have the gift of clairaudience. They also are gifted at communication; although they must use it in good ways because they really have the ability to crush the hearts of people with only one of their words. They are also endowed with night vision. In fact, they are stronger in the dark. These people have the ability to do shadow work and stand up empowered every time. They are in tuned with the earth. They are definitely not one of those people who are ready to show off. Yet, they have confidence and inner aggressiveness that other people do sense.

Knowing that, I felt empowered. I now know why I did not have those extroverted tendencies. My whole personality is that which embodies the yin aspect. I am not weak – I am just saving my power in order to have a full-launch attack. I definitely plan everything out. My silence and passiveness definitely have some depth in them. And I have this jaguar by my side to bring out the best in me. I am just so happy to find out what my animal is, because it is also one step to fully accepting myself and using the resources that I have in the greatest way possible. Now every time that I need help, I will just call out for the wisdom of my jaguar. You just can never underestimate jaguar people despite their passive nature on the surface. 


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