Wearing Dresses

I used to hate dresses when I was little. Or I could have loved them enough to be my everyday wear, but my mother dressed me up in long shorts and jumpers. As our outfits influence our behaviour, I grew up being tomboyish in my manners. I did not restrain myself in any way bearing the idea of what a proper lady should be. I ran freely, slouched in chairs, and did not mind whether I sat with my legs open. Maybe it’s also because I never thought that I could look pretty in a dress. Or maybe my Mama never believed that I could pull off dresses. I had a shocking intensity of inferiority complex back then. My “modesty” just turned out to be like that.

I plan to have more dresses than jeans so I would have no choice but to wear them on all occasions. Jeans give me the feeling that I have something business-like to do (like going to classes – that’s why I think they’re perfect for school) so the feeling of femininity is obviously forgotten there. Wearing dresses, on the other hand, gives me the fresh feeling like I am starring in a feminine wash commercial. Especially when matched with pretty flats or heels, dresses really make us feel 100% woman. Besides making us feel very girly, they are very comfortable and fun to accessorize. Even the cheap dresses in tiangges already fit us so well. For girls, dresses are necessities now that it’s really hot.

The best thing that girls can love about dresses is that they’re so girly and sexy, that no other impression may be formed about you wearing them other than you’re a girly kind of woman. Automatically, we feel girly vibes from dresses that we start to move femininely and softly. For most of us who have dreamt of being one of those Disney princesses as children, dresses are perfect for making us look like princesses. I want to have a closet overflowing with lovely dresses – for a girl can never have too many dresses. We as girls feel more in alignment or truer to ourselves when we start to regain our feminine self in simple ways like wearing dresses.


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