Rainy Days & Pimples = Emotions???

I never really liked rainy days. And it rained and thundered just now. I woke up from my afternoon nap because of the weather chills. I looked at myself in front of my compact mirror right away and popped the angry red pimple on my left cheek. The pus was pushed outward and blood followed. Now I’m worried about the ugly scar that it will leave on my face. According to one of our new age psychics and spiritual leaders, Teal Swan, acne is caused by shame or unexpressed emotions on an energetic level. Of course there is no proof to that, given that most people in the world cannot see unseen things. But I kind of agree to that, since beauty starts from within – and whatever’s on the inside will show outwardly. Any negative thought will manifest mostly through our physical bodies. Pimples are negativities that weren’t allowed to be gotten out or expressed. That is why pimples look like struggling to get out of our faces. And they look ugly too.

And although popping and picking pimples have always been discouraged from all over, I have decided just last year that it is best to pop pimples – but only when they’re ready. It’s the same with emotions. We try to suppress our pimples through all of these oral drugs or things dabbed onto the zits, but the pus just remain there until they’re guided by our hands to come out. It’s just like emotions. Most people aren’t comfortable expressing their true emotions right away. It’s because we adhere to society’s standards that we have to be a certain way to get accepted or to be called “normal”. So I feel that the best way to express what we really feel is to express them when we’re ready. There are also some “denied” emotions or thoughts or beliefs but we undeniably got them in our being. Suppressing is never a good thing. It never is. But like popping a pimple, expressing emotions 24/7 is also apparently disapproved. As adults we have to be calm and composed to be respected so we resort to suppression. And as I have mentioned before, pimples are a manifestation of suppressed negative emotions/thoughts. When they’re popped or let out, they leave ugly scars, which we fear. But then scars are better than having pimples themselves. Moreover, what’s good is that scars eventually fade through time. So we never have to worry. Popping pimples and expressing emotions are definitely okay.

Just now I’m getting pissed off at the rain and loud thunders. But I thought that since water is associated with emotions, therefore the rain could symbolize complete expression of emotion. I also associate thunder with rage or anger, so that pretty much explains it. We hate rainy days because we hate dealing with our dark sides or negativities. Nobody wants to deal with anything ugly and horrifying. But we must do it for our own healing. Getting drenched in our shadow aspects and facing them means opening an opportunity for saving our inner children that got stuck in some kind of a traumatic past. I just remembered now that everything around us is a reflection of what is happening inside ourselves. We are inside the universe at the same time that the universe is inside us. I did not really get triggered today, I was not upset or really down in the dumps, but I was feeling down because I did not really did well in doing my thesis proposal. All the work that I have to do have been jam-packed into one week, which is next week. I do not really want to focus on these, so I keep on procrastinating. I distract myself through watching Tyra Banks Show in Youtube. But if you understand the law of attraction, you can tell that this “procrastination” or “distraction” is actually benefiting me. Like a young pimple, I am not yet ready to face what worries me right now. Wish me luck. 


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