Prophetic Dreams

There were already many instances wherein I dreamt of people in my lives and coincidentally, something happens (or recently have happened) to them. I guess the most important dream I had was when I found myself singing with my sad father inside his office and the people around us who were his officemates sang with us but then I noticed that it turned into a choir of angels. I called my family and asked if something was wrong with my father. They did not tell me at that time but I eventually found out that around the time that I dreamt of him was when he was summoned into a court for a wrongdoing that he did not do which was related to his work. It was a very challenging period for our family because my father almost lost his job and pension. Another dream was about a former suitor who was years younger than me. I dreamt that I was reading his palm and foretelling nonsense about what was going to happen to him. I texted him and asked if anything was up. He eventually told me that he was “wanted”, the police (?) was searching for him because of drugs. I did not believe it at first. But he was really a drug addict.

There are still many instances wherein my dreams foretell of something that’s not about me. Most of the time, what we dream are about ourselves: our inner voices, inner states, or subconscious. However, it’s weird that I dream of what’s happening to other people when I don’t even think about them especially before going to sleep. Just last night, I had a weird dream. I was with my literature classmates, Indira* and Benjamin*. We were walking to a dead end, and I was talking to them about just anything under the sun. When I looked back at them, I was just shocked because they were so sweet to each other. They were kissing and caressing each other, and I felt left out. Then I saw three preschoolers, one of which looked like a former classmate of my sister. She was telling a story and one of her nostrils became so big, probably half the size of her face. I was shouting about the strange sight to my companions, but they were so busy romancing each other. And just a few hours before, I told this dream to Indira.

At first I thought that telling this to her would just make her laugh because it doesn’t have anything to do with reality and it was so ridiculous to be true, but she just revealed that she actually hates Benjamin so much that she could have blocked him on Facebook. She was ranting about the things that she hates about the guy, that I suddenly felt that my dream has a direct connection to reality. I would like to think that dreams are the opposite of reality, but it could be a prediction of a budding romance between these two! (The more you hate the more you love!) When we were in our poetry class and this dream has been properly disseminated to our classmates, suddenly our professor (who did not know anything about it) decided that Indira and Benjamin should sit beside each other for today’s meeting. The whole class shrieked and laughed at the funny coincidence and from then on I realized that what’s meant to happen will really happen.

Just now, I was gratefully pondering about my intuitiveness – I just don’t trust my intuitions most of the time. Actually, everyone is intuitive; most people are just not aware of it. And to open our other senses, awareness is very important. Especially spotting synchronicities or coincidences. But then, there is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything that happens is meant to happen. I *could* be a medium for spotting hidden things or figuring things out; I just need more practice I guess. But today I am just so happy that I realized that I do not just dream for nothing. My dreams actually have something very important to tell me because dreams are messages from the spiritual realm. Scientists haven’t figured out why we dream yet, so it’s justifiable that these are indeed symbolic messages from the spirit world where words do not exist. This is one large step in the spiritual advancements that I’d like to achieve. Someday I’d like to open my third eye to understand other people and I’d also like to be an expert on OBEs (out of body experiences).

*Names have been changed.


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