The Path of Least Resistance

Picking the path of least resistance helps ourselves to generally “allow” the universe to help us to go into the direction of our desires. Because you see, resistance is what causes us to suffer. When we resist something, we are focusing on that which is unwanted, instead of basically ignoring it and doing something for our own happiness instead. (Okay, I’m gonna be really honest here, and with no purpose of offending, but – ) The most obvious example of resistance is a group of “anti-government corruption” people. The radicals, the revolutionaries, the ralliers, the rebels. I’ve joined organizations against the government but it didn’t make me happy. It only fuelled my anger and discontentment with life. And personally, being a sensitive person, negative focus affects me more than an average person does. But it really does depend on the person – if he/she came into earth with the intention of being a rebel or a deviant, then they’re in alignment with their higher selves because they’re doing what they are meant to do and what makes them personally happy. One more example of resistance is going to the gym for the hope of having a better body when you don’t actually enjoy it. I stopped going to the gym because the male gym instructors make me feel very uncomfortable. Lifting weights is also not for me, for I have a very petite body which only enjoys leisurely running and walking, or maybe strutting on the catwalk. *slow wink* Doing things which our hearts pull away from only causes us to suffer, and that’s not very self-loving like we think it is.

Picking the path of least resistance is going to the direction of what we desire, sometimes quite literally. It means not going to your classes when you don’t feel like it, eating when you’re hungry, drinking when you’re thirsty, buying that pretty dress, just going for a random walk, deviating from your daily routine, singing your heart out, hugging someone, letting someone hug you, letting yourself have a romantic daydream, yawning in class, being grateful for almost everything, being alone when you’re feeling bad, moving away from people who don’t treat you right, talking about your feelings, crying when you’re sad, watching funny videos instead of studying, finding learning fun, letting the breeze blow your hair, calling your loved ones, not paying attention to negative people, treating yourself with ice cream, listing the good things about you, learning how to say no, learning something new, travelling with your lover, laughing freely, playing with babies, relaxing, sunbathing, taking a bath, putting on perfume, and so on. It means doing things dictated by your heart, not by your mind or by the society. Our internal guidance system knows what’s good for us, and it can’t be told by some authority figure other than ourselves.

And lastly, picking the path of least resistance isn’t as easy as it seems. Our society has become so complicated that we have ultimately become robots – we don’t already know who we are because we base our self-worth or even our identities on our external realities. We think that the models and stars that we often see in the mainstream media are the only beautiful things that ever exist on the earth. We think that only the successful people are happy. And we always blame everything on everyone – we take more time hating the world than taking steps on improving our lives, happiness, and health. But picking the path of least resistance isn’t as hard as it seems. For every little decision that we make in our daily lives, we have to always question ourselves, “What would someone who love themselves do?” And whatever answer that pops into our minds is definitely one happy step towards happiness. Also, the reason why they say that we get less reasons to smile as we get older isn’t because of age, but because how society trains us to be basically out of touch with our hearts. Let us observe little children. Why are they happy? They play when they’re bored, they laugh at the smallest things, they’re eager to learn, they eat when they’re hungry, they drink when they’re thirsty, they point to what they want, they throw tantrums when they’re denied what they desire, they cry when they’re sad, and it’s hard to make them do things when they don’t want to. They’re so simple that we can’t take happiness away from them – unless they’ve got assholes as their parents. Happiness is not that hard to reach, like we have to climb up a mountain to achieve it. Happiness is achieved through the path of least resistance. 


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