My Pre-Birth Intention, My Life Path

I emailed my favorite psychic, Lawrence of L.A., and asked what my pre-birth intention is, or what I intend to do before coming into this earth. I already suspect that I probably did not have a specific intention for my life is always bumping into lots of unexpected twists and turns. After giving my recent selfie and my birth date, my psychic finally answered my question today:

His Answer:

My vibes for you is that you might work in the area of communication, which also includes acting, interior decorating, modelling, etc. Your soul likes to be alone a lot, but also likes attention in small spurts.
Take acting classes is the message I get. Don't worry if you're shy, you will enjoy it. It is my vibes. Your soul needs attention that's positive.
Try it. Let me know how it goes.

What I Think:

That probably explains why I’m really drawn to beauty, beautiful people, beautiful clothes, jewelry, watching Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, buying lots of pretty lingerie, hoarding makeup, making myself beautiful, loving my hair, watching Britney Spears, working my butt out, and imagining that I’m expressing myself artistically in front of an audience. Well, he’s right that I’ really a timid person, but nothing would make me happy but being someone like Britney Spears or Adriana Lima. I feel like I’ve come down the earth to be pretty much expressive through writing and the arts, which includes writing, acting, and modelling. It pretty much explains why I am not a left-brained person and why I am so ruled by my emotions and intuition. I like his answer so much. :)


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