Liver Flush: Inner and Outer Beauty

I have just finished my 2nd liver flush and I am glad to release lots of stones. LOTS. Compared to my first attempt where I have apparently only released dozens of stones, today I saw many of them – probably hundreds – in all shapes and sizes. But they were all emerald green in color. I just didn’t collect them because it’s already my second time doing it. During my first attempt, I only went to the toilet twice – but this time I did it four times. I was also amazed at how big some of the stones were. If it would still take approximately six to eight flushes to really get rid of all the stones, and I already released so many, then just imagine how unhealthy my liver is!

According to Teal Swan (on her video How to Cure Acne), this method is for people who are really desperate, especially those who have chronic illnesses – because it had to be continuously done or else you may suffer from more severe complications. But for people like me who are concerned with having a healthy lifestyle and purified bodies, it definitely feels really good to tangibly see the waste products that attract more toxins and misfortune to the body, i.e. the stones that obstruct the liver. I am not obese, I am not an alcoholic, I do not smoke and I do not overeat, yet I have these numerous gallstones that obstruct the natural flow of energy within my body. So how unhealthy would people who have worse lifestyles than me be?

As I read Moritz’s book entitled “The Amazing Liver Cleanse,” there was one section that really struck me, because I was always aiming for physical beauty and I have already tried lots of ways – most of which were commercial beauty products only applied to the external parts of our bodies. So I would like to share this very beautiful excerpt to all of you:

Inner and Outer Beauty 
The results of steadily improving cell metabolism will affect the way you feel about your inner self as much as it will show on the outside. Older people look radiant and youthful when they are truly healthy. Young people can look quite old if their bodies are toxic and tired. Naturally, if you want to achieve outer beauty you must develop inner beauty first. 
 If your body has accumulated lots of waste material it is not capable of imbuing you with a sense of beauty and worthiness. There are still groups of indigenous people living in the most remote parts of the world who enjoy perfect health and vitality. They regularly purge their liver, kidneys and intestines with oils, herbs and liquids. These practices have become lost to modern societies where the main emphasis is on improving the superficial physical appearance and, in the case of an illness, fixing its symptoms rather than removing the cause.
 Those who have done a series of liver cleanses report that they feel much better about their body, their life and their environment. In many cases, the person’s self-esteem and ability to appreciate others improves as the body becomes increasingly purified. The liver cleanse can greatly contribute towards developing vitality and inner beauty. This will not only slow or reverse the aging process but also make you feel more youthful and attractive, regardless of your age. 
-       Andreas Moritz, The Amazing Liver Cleanse

People say that “beauty is skin-deep,” but it’s not (in a literal sense). Beauty is something deeper than our skins. Beauty comes first from our minds, then to our internal organs, and it radiates through our pores. Rather than being completely dependent on commercialized beauty products, most of which have harmful side effects, it is very important to save our bodies first and bring them back to a perfect state of health, then trust them to do their jobs of keeping us happy, healthy, and beautiful. It is a two-way process: our bodies wouldn’t work well without our initiatives of taking care of them. So yes, a person who doesn’t look good may be rotting internally, thanks to lack of self-love and hatred and bad emotions. Bad things planted on the inside do radiate a horrible kind of aura and appearance. Likewise, when a person does cultivate self-love and takes care of his/her body well, then beauty and signs of health would be very visible and overpowering in the energy being put out by that person. To sum up, I’d like to say an original quote of mine (or so I believe, although the idea is not that original lol):

“Beauty is synonymous to health.”


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