Liver Flush: My First Successful Attempt

Before going back here in Iloilo where I currently study in college, I ran into a video of Teal Swan entitled “How to Cure Acne” because I wanted to look better – and thus I became a little bit health-conscious. She mentioned doing the liver flushes by Andreas Moritz and I thought by then that it was such an expensive and difficult method of healing oneself. I just wanted to get rid of acne, you know. Yet I was such a vibrational match to that information that I started searching Google for what a liver flush is and how to do it. It turns out that it’s just as simple as ABC. Then I started googling for Andreas Moritz’s books (pdf) especially the “The Amazing Liver Cleanse” and that’s how this gift for humanity has become accessible to me. My first flush was done during the mid-January, and it failed terribly just because I didn’t follow the instructions carefully. I didn’t know that I had to have a week of preparation prior to the actual liver flush by drinking a liter of apple juice because the malic acid that it contains would soften the liver stones. Now I drink apple cider vinegar (which works just as well) everyday so the preparation was not a problem. My first flush was painful and nauseous especially during the night because I did not fast after 2 P.M. and there were no preparations at all. The next morning all I got was diarrhea but there were no liver and gallstones in my stool. Then I fell back into thinking that I was just an unlucky person, and that thought didn’t benefit me at all.

the only stones I managed to save from the toilet
And just last week, I suddenly had this impulse of buying olive oil and a pulpy orange juice at the nearest grocery store here. I found it really hard to not eat anything after 2 in the afternoon and do the liver flush 10 in the evening. I cheated – I ate potato chips and marshmallows to satisfy my hunger. Fasting is just not for someone like me with a Vata (smallest/thinnest/model-like) body type. The instructions said that if possible, I should sleep right away after drinking the oil and juice mixture, but I played dating sims in my laptop while lying down for approximately two hours. And in the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up feeling really nauseous and unable to sleep again. Hugging two pillows was not enough to ease the pain in my stomach. I wasn’t sure if it was the stones going down the bile ducts or the olive oil being forced back into my stomach, but it was really painful that I was like a hospital patient at that night. And still I had my doubts that it would be successful. I became more fearful knowing how the law of attraction is, so I basically went into a negative spiral. Luckily I was able to sleep again.
A close-up of the stones. Finally released some!
The next morning, the pain in my stomach had disappeared but I felt much weaker. I wished I had a stock of oatmeal here in my room but I didn’t, I had no bread either, so I resolved to just not eat breakfast because I couldn’t bear having a heavy meal yet. A few minutes later I went into the restroom and had a bowel movement. I saw my solid stool, and I thought for a second that maybe the stones were just covered with my feces but I was in such a disappointed mood that I just flushed my stools. But the toilet flush itself wasn’t successful in flushing my waste material, for I saw a few dark green stones of different sizes floating in the toilet water. I gathered up my courage to get these stones and see for myself whether they were indeed liver stones and yes they were! Andreas Moritz said that they were mostly made up of 90% cholesterol, green-colored because of the bile, and soft because of the malic acid drank during the week. Mine were shiny, emerald green stones which looked really the same as the pictures of liver and gallstones I saw in the internet after a liver flush. At last I managed to have a successful liver flush! My next bowel movement had lots of stones also, but I haven’t counted them because I would throw them out anyway. Knowing that I had released liver stones was enough to make me happy. And because I was so happy, I can’t wait to have my second liver flush – for liver flushes should be done continuously until there are no stones left in the liver and gallbladder.

“Gallstones in the liver are, as will be seen in this book, the main impediment to acquiring and maintaining good health, youthfulness and vitality. They are, indeed, one of the major reasons people become ill and have difficulty recuperating from illness.”

“A fatty liver can gather up to 20,000 stones before it succumbs to suffocation and ceases to function.”

“Bile, which is a green-colored, alkaline fluid, has multiple functions. Each one of these affects the health of every organ and system in the body.”

“The Liver acts as a cleansing station, inactivating hormones and alcohol and drugs. In all cases, it is the task of the liver to modify these biological active substances so that they lose their potentially harmful effects – a process known as detoxification.”

-          Andreas Moritz, The Amazing Liver Cleanse

I squeezed them to prove that they're made
 up of cholesterol and are not food residue.
According to Moritz, there are many symptoms and signs that the body is conveying when it suffers from liver and gallstones. He listed all in his book, “The Amazing Liver Cleanse,” which is available anywhere and very accessible to anyone – because I just downloaded it free online in a PDF form. Mine are:

(1)   Low appetite
(2)   Diarrhea
(3)   Depression
(4)   Menstrual disorders
(5)   Skin disorder (specifically acne)
(6)   Loss of muscle tone
(7)   Tongue coated in white
(8)   Food cravings
(9)   Nausea and vomiting
(10)  Urinary problems
(11) Problems with vision
(12) Excessive wasting
(13) Dark color under the eyes
(14) Hair loss
(15) Nightmares
(16) Digestive disorders
(17) Clay-colored stool (pale yellow)
(18) A ‘bilious’ or angry personality
(19) dizziness

After that liver flush, I found myself hard to be angered, but still vulnerable to sadness or any negative thoughts. But I just couldn’t find any reason to be angry. I can be bored and restless but not outraged. I also felt prettier, there’s something that improved in my skin – especially the darkness under my eyes. I felt like my face looked younger and had become more elastic. I cannot really say that I have completely healed, but I’m getting there I think. I’ll update you about my health progressions with the help of liver flushes. I hope you’ll try doing it too after reading this. Ciao!


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