Twin Soul Sisters

We miss the old days. We really do. It was almost two years ago when this girl named Angel first talked to me when I transferred into a room in an unfamiliar boarding house, and we suddenly became “twin sisters” who were never ever seen apart. We were very alike in appearance and manner, that we feel our attractiveness is suddenly boosted whenever we are together. Think about Alessandra Ambrosio (although her favourite Victoria’s Secret angel is Candice Swanepoel) and Adriana Lima (obviously my favourite) being seen together. We just had this sudden knowing that we are just split consciousness because of being so alike. We express ourselves differently – she is into playing the piano and having a keen eye for beauty while I am into creative writing, visual arts and singing – but we’re pretty much the same especially when seen together. I am the mysterious type while she is the babyish and approachable type, but sometimes I feel like you couldn’t just tell us apart. Of course we were moulded out of different genes, but it’s just amazing how our brain works so similarly. We’re two peas in a pod – I couldn’t already explain further but I think she must be my real sister.

However, our sisterhood was tested lots of times by external factors and there were lots of times when we get into each other’s nerves without even directly communicating. There were times when I became very wrathful because someone tried to steal her away from me and she was even glad to fall into that girl’s trap. There were times when I fall into deep depressed states when she (perhaps not purposely) ignores me because I automatically translate it to being unloved. There were even times when I question myself whether I am so jealous of her because I hated her so much when she had a new best friend. Nevertheless, just one conversation or smile or laugh from her already brightens up my day. She has so much power over me. So much. I’ve never had an extraordinary friendship like that. She has so much influence over me as if she is my mother. Little did I know that I also had this large influence over her, especially on her emotions...until some ugly circumstances forced me to move into another dormitory which at least had peace and privacy.

Last year was the worst year for me. It felt like everybody was against me – and of course, someone evil turned them all against me. I couldn’t stand on my own two feet, for even my other best friend abandoned me. I was apparently the bad guy, and twisted and untrue gossips spread very quickly. When I felt like all my trusted friends were nowhere to be seen, she was there to listen. She was there to accompany me. She was there to prevent me from feeling alone. I was already falling apart that time, but I was grateful that she was at least preventing me from completely breaking down. However, I still decided moving out of that wretched boarding house because even my studies were already badly affected. I also didn’t want all those negative thoughts to turn me into a poor ugly creature. Most of all, I was very afraid. I was afraid of all the malicious glances of the people around me. I was afraid of getting mad, of ending up in a mental institution. When I finally said my decision of moving out to her, she sobbed right away and told me that she would do anything to stop me from leaving her. She’s a person who hates dramas and sentimentality, yet she cried unashamedly and that really touched me. I felt like it was the first time in a very long time that I actually felt loved and cherished. It was a very sad decision, but I think it was necessary to make us both aware of how rare and precious our friendship is.

Last night, just the two of us had the chance to eat dinner together. We had a variety of conversations that were not that deep – I guess we just missed each other. We both don’t like dwelling on sadness, but we both felt that particular special feeling. When we were at loss for words, just sitting in silence was already very special. I know that she loves me so much. She said that I was her closest friend here, which I did not quite expect. I guess we both realized that our presumed friends weren’t better because we are actually meant for each other. It’s very nice to have a girlfriend whom you don’t have to adjust to because of having so much in common. My life is so exciting with her! She honestly does not make me grow, but she definitely helps me enjoy life and appreciate the present. She understands my sense of humor, she likes shopping and fashion too, she giggles at the same things as I do, and we feel like walking on the streets of a foreign country whenever we’re together. I just have to consult a psychic to confirm whether she really is a split consciousness of mine of whatever that is called, perhaps a soul mate. We just “click,” and we both admit to that fact. Furthermore, she’s the kind of friend that I am genuinely happy for what she achieves or whatever. We’ve been through a lot of pain just to realize the fact that we are indeed soul sisters and that we weren’t really mistaken for having thought of that for the first few days of knowing each other. I love you Angel! <3


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