My 2015 Psychic Forecast

Our classes will start on January 26, so I wanted to know what my year will be like and what its theme would be. Many people said that their 2014 was awesome but that’s not the case for me! And so, I consulted my favourite psychic, Lawrence of L.A. (, to prepare for this new year:

My Question:
 Hi Lawrence! This is now my first question for the year. How will by 2015 be? What will probably be the theme of this year for my life?
Thanks in advance. :))
By the way thank you for my dream interpretations. You’re so good! And I heard from a video I watched last night that L.A. has lots of dark forces. Is that true? Can I know how?

His Answer:
young men young men young men, this year  feels like looking for a boyfriend but maybe not telling family about it. message i also got dont do unprotected sex, temptation might be there,
also theme i got is focus on education,
take a creative writing class,
your soul wants to keep a journal of daily adventures,
write them down,
write short stories this year is message i also got,
get into writing period
as u know one free question after there first of each month
all big cities have dark forces  and also have light forces, depends where you put your energy,
lots of yoga medication in l.a,   i show you around when your here lol

I guess I was wrong that the theme will be new beginnings, because still there are sexual temptations that always ruin my life. But I was right that this is the time to be more focused on education! And I’m glad to hear that I must write more often now. That’s where I think I’m good at. Looks like there will be lots of exciting blogs and documentations this year. *grins*


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