A Wizard's Visit (Dream)

I had a weird dream last night, and I only remembered a part of it. I dreamt that I was visited by my cousins, but I had a weird feeling that they were not. Or maybe I was mistaken; maybe they really were, I don’t really know. But I don’t feel some kind of closeness or filial love for them. Because I don’t know them. They were two people – a male and a female. And then the word “wizard” just came into my mind. Something told me that the male one was a wizard and the female one was a witch. But there was some kind of an emphasis on the wizard. I did not really feel threatened, yet I was very reluctant to face them. I kept on hiding while spying on them at the same time.

So when I woke up, because I don’t have any idea on how to spiritually interpret dreams, I consulted myjellybean.com so as to avoid wishful thinking too:


Hidden forces are working for you if your dream featured one a wizard. If you dream of being a wizard yourself, you have a creative mind. You will have pleasant surprises in the near future. If you dream about an evil wizard, or of performing black magic yourself, this suggests you have achieved your wishes through underhanded tricks and lies.

And because these powerful people in my dream claim to be my relatives or having friendly relations with me, then perhaps the underlined statement above may be possible? And what can these “hidden forces” be?

From Lawrence of LA (a psychic):

he wasn't  dressed as a wizard so hes not a wizard at all even if it popped into your mind, its more to do with not liking members of your family  tree  and not wanting to be part of their lives really.
that's my vibes on it,
you should just be a famous actress in america :)
le t me know if i  helped
happy xmas
lawrence of l.a


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