The Padlock and the Key

I asked my boyfriend what made him fall for me at first sight. He answered that I just looked so beautiful, pure, and innocent in my white dress during a close friend’s birthday party. Like some other fellow, he gazed at me frequently, and for long periods of time. When I caught him staring at me, he said that he liked how I was so unassuming despite his obvious gestures of showing his interest. He was also amused at how I tore the pig skin of lechon with my bare hands while daintily wearing my flowing flimsy dress – I looked like I just happily broke a rule of being a lady.

I think I’ve already had enough male friends and lovers to declare this observation: most men love feminine women, and they still hold on to old-fashioned ideals of women whether they admit it or not. They’d gladly fuck every sexy body of desperate whores, but they want their ladies to be pretty and chaste. I am not a feminist, nor am I very old-fashioned and traditional – but I am a virgin. This is not a boast; in fact, I’m really curious about how sex might feel but my boyfriend is very resolute in not trying to touch me. Whether it’s coming from true respect or just fear that he might treat me like trash the moment I get deflowered – I don’t really know, but I’d rather think that he intended to let me know of his pure intention.

He had already made love with several women (the number is too vexing to mention), so I find it unfair that he still wants me to be a virgin. In fact he also said that the moment he finds out that I’ve had sex with even just two or three men, he wouldn’t bother just looking at my face again. Yes, he’s very sexist, but he just represents the whole population of sexist men which is still too many even though we’re already in the 21st century. Being so indignant about this, I asked him why men want to fuck as many women as possible yet they’d only love women who are chaste and are not easy to get. This was his answer:

“Think about it this way: women are like padlocks and men are like keys. When a key gets to open as many padlocks as possible, what do you call that? A master key! That’s why a man gets admired for his sexual conquests. Women are like padlocks because they have the purpose of protecting something. If a padlock can be opened by just any key, what do you call that? A worthless padlock.”

I was amazed by his wit, and pondered about it for a moment. He has a point, right? Yet, the gender stereotypes are still there. Women are seen as puzzles that need to be solved, oysters that need to be opened, and treasure chests that need to be dug – and when we give in too easily, or open up too easily, we somehow lessen our value. Sad but true. We are no more than commodities here in this male-dominated world; we are the beautiful Orient that needed to be conquered and subjugated by the West. Women and men are equals, yet women are designed in a way wherein they’d really have no choice but to be chaste as much as possible until the right one comes along. We have hymen which when torn can never be undone again, and the emotions and sensitivity of the moon which makes it hard for us to make love to someone with no strings attached.


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