Enmity among Women

Enmity among women is seen everywhere – and has existed since the antediluvian times until now. It is being introduced to children in fairytales (with all those wicked stepmothers and jealous stepsisters), and gets experienced by all women growing up, especially during their teenage years, and probably until they get middle-aged. It is made more complicated by our their passive aggressiveness (probably caused by the passivity of being feminine) – they’d get annoyed at you without any reason at all, and one day you will just get surprised that they’ve already taken steps for your downfall. Women are far more dangerous than men, for we fight when no one’s looking (e.g. making sure to destroy the enemy's reputation first) and we can also control or dictate the minds of our male counterparts especially if they’ve laid their hearts on our beautiful feet. For ages, women have been labeled as the “weaker sex,” but we must remember Shakespeare’s quote if we want to know the truth: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Enmity among women may be caused by different reasons; but if you get in one girl’s way, expect the boiling blood to get back at you even though you may not feel it. I’m not saying that all women are inclined to get their revenge, but you can get lashed out for the pettiest reasons – and that’s the danger of having emotions prevail over logic in a woman’s being. Usually women have catfights because of men, jealousy because of men, and silent competition because of men. Women who don’t know any better think that they exist only to impress, get, and make love to a lot of men. And so, you’ll know that you’ve encountered small minds when they get very hostile because of men and beauty. Yes, beauty can also be a trigger for a woman’s hatred, as beauty is a powerful weapon to get the attention of Adam’s descendants easily. So most of the time, women who just have been accidentally blessed by nature’s beauty usually get a lot of glares and easily spread gossips about them. And as a woman, I rather think that it’s hard to be one for insecurities are our main drives for doing something (whether good or bad) most of the time.

But wouldn’t it be nice if all women in the world would be in harmony with each other? After all, we are all pieces of ribs taken from every Adam’s side. We are the physical manifestations of the divine feminine, so we all have these innate gentleness, delicateness, softness, warmth, and charm that could put any being to a peaceful slumber. We live in a feminist generation, but these feminine qualities of ours should not be resisted, but instead embraced – for nothing’s wrong with being soft and vulnerable anyway. I rather think that women were labeled as the “weaker sex” not because men hate us, but for them to have a reason to protect and love us as if we’re pieces of rare jewels that should be cherished and not “hard” rocks that only get passed by. We are all bestowed beauty by some unseen forces, and because of the emotional warmth bestowed to us by the moon, we are safe in each other’s bosoms. So instead of focusing on having enmity with other women, it would be better to think that we are all sisters who protect each other in this cruel world. Power is greater when wombs are united. And that, for me, is the true “women empowerment”.


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