Enmity among Women

Enmity among women is seen everywhere – and has existed since the antediluvian times until now. It is being introduced to children in fairytales (with all those wicked stepmothers and jealous stepsisters), and gets experienced by all women growing up, especially during their teenage years, and probably until they get middle-aged. It is made more complicated by our their passive aggressiveness (probably caused by the passivity of being feminine) – they’d get annoyed at you without any reason at all, and one day you will just get surprised that they’ve already taken steps for your downfall. Women are far more dangerous than men, for we fight when no one’s looking (e.g. making sure to destroy the enemy's reputation first) and we can also control or dictate the minds of our male counterparts especially if they’ve laid their hearts on our beautiful feet. For ages, women have been labeled as the “weaker sex,” but we must remember Shakespeare’s quote if we want to know the truth: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Enmity among women may be caused by different reasons; but if you get in one girl’s way, expect the boiling blood to get back at you even though you may not feel it. I’m not saying that all women are inclined to get their revenge, but you can get lashed out for the pettiest reasons – and that’s the danger of having emotions prevail over logic in a woman’s being. Usually women have catfights because of men, jealousy because of men, and silent competition because of men. Women who don’t know any better think that they exist only to impress, get, and make love to a lot of men. And so, you’ll know that you’ve encountered small minds when they get very hostile because of men and beauty. Yes, beauty can also be a trigger for a woman’s hatred, as beauty is a powerful weapon to get the attention of Adam’s descendants easily. So most of the time, women who just have been accidentally blessed by nature’s beauty usually get a lot of glares and easily spread gossips about them. And as a woman, I rather think that it’s hard to be one for insecurities are our main drives for doing something (whether good or bad) most of the time.

But wouldn’t it be nice if all women in the world would be in harmony with each other? After all, we are all pieces of ribs taken from every Adam’s side. We are the physical manifestations of the divine feminine, so we all have these innate gentleness, delicateness, softness, warmth, and charm that could put any being to a peaceful slumber. We live in a feminist generation, but these feminine qualities of ours should not be resisted, but instead embraced – for nothing’s wrong with being soft and vulnerable anyway. I rather think that women were labeled as the “weaker sex” not because men hate us, but for them to have a reason to protect and love us as if we’re pieces of rare jewels that should be cherished and not “hard” rocks that only get passed by. We are all bestowed beauty by some unseen forces, and because of the emotional warmth bestowed to us by the moon, we are safe in each other’s bosoms. So instead of focusing on having enmity with other women, it would be better to think that we are all sisters who protect each other in this cruel world. Power is greater when wombs are united. And that, for me, is the true “women empowerment”.

The Padlock and the Key

I asked my boyfriend what made him fall for me at first sight. He answered that I just looked so beautiful, pure, and innocent in my white dress during a close friend’s birthday party. Like some other fellow, he gazed at me frequently, and for long periods of time. When I caught him staring at me, he said that he liked how I was so unassuming despite his obvious gestures of showing his interest. He was also amused at how I tore the pig skin of lechon with my bare hands while daintily wearing my flowing flimsy dress – I looked like I just happily broke a rule of being a lady.

I think I’ve already had enough male friends and lovers to declare this observation: most men love feminine women, and they still hold on to old-fashioned ideals of women whether they admit it or not. They’d gladly fuck every sexy body of desperate whores, but they want their ladies to be pretty and chaste. I am not a feminist, nor am I very old-fashioned and traditional – but I am a virgin. This is not a boast; in fact, I’m really curious about how sex might feel but my boyfriend is very resolute in not trying to touch me. Whether it’s coming from true respect or just fear that he might treat me like trash the moment I get deflowered – I don’t really know, but I’d rather think that he intended to let me know of his pure intention.

He had already made love with several women (the number is too vexing to mention), so I find it unfair that he still wants me to be a virgin. In fact he also said that the moment he finds out that I’ve had sex with even just two or three men, he wouldn’t bother just looking at my face again. Yes, he’s very sexist, but he just represents the whole population of sexist men which is still too many even though we’re already in the 21st century. Being so indignant about this, I asked him why men want to fuck as many women as possible yet they’d only love women who are chaste and are not easy to get. This was his answer:

“Think about it this way: women are like padlocks and men are like keys. When a key gets to open as many padlocks as possible, what do you call that? A master key! That’s why a man gets admired for his sexual conquests. Women are like padlocks because they have the purpose of protecting something. If a padlock can be opened by just any key, what do you call that? A worthless padlock.”

I was amazed by his wit, and pondered about it for a moment. He has a point, right? Yet, the gender stereotypes are still there. Women are seen as puzzles that need to be solved, oysters that need to be opened, and treasure chests that need to be dug – and when we give in too easily, or open up too easily, we somehow lessen our value. Sad but true. We are no more than commodities here in this male-dominated world; we are the beautiful Orient that needed to be conquered and subjugated by the West. Women and men are equals, yet women are designed in a way wherein they’d really have no choice but to be chaste as much as possible until the right one comes along. We have hymen which when torn can never be undone again, and the emotions and sensitivity of the moon which makes it hard for us to make love to someone with no strings attached.

An Angry Letter of Love


            Of course your sudden coolness perplexed me; it made me wonder what I have done wrong, or what in the world I did to get you annoyed. Your past warmth had gone into oblivion, and I was left wondering where the soul of my dear friend had gone. I was hurt – deeply hurt indeed, for I gave you everything; I never tire of giving you affection in exchange of yours. I love you so much, but I cannot stand your sudden rudeness. Suddenly you’re so far away, but you try to conceal your deep-seated anger towards me. Do you honestly think that I’m stupid? Because I feel everything. I know what goes on. But I hate that you can’t even confront me face to face about something that my own conscience doesn’t even know about.

            Your subtle gestures of hatred – I feel it all. And you very well know that I only thrive on warmth that I cannot stand a cold shoulder. But I will endure it all; yes, I can endure it all. And I also know very well that I’ve been a very good friend to you. I just can’t accept those little annoyances that you have about me which only proves that you aren’t being that genuine to me – for a true friend accepts his friend wholly with all those imperfections. I’m not washing my hands clean, but it’s true that I accept you for who you are. I just can’t accept the fact that sometimes, those who you lean on the most get to hurt you the most. And you’re just doing it with your sudden indifference. I try hard not to dwell on this, but it’s you who has to be warned of being careful of hurting me. It may not be obvious but I can see through your weaknesses. I can see through your tough armor that hides your brittle flesh.

            In terms of physical violence, I am a very harmless person. You still have to reach my boiling point (which is 10,000 Celsius) for me to be tempted to break your bones into little pieces. Don’t worry; I’m too soft for that murderous tendency. But my automatic resort is to ignore you back and let your bone marrows feel the hurt that you’ve inflicted upon me. Because someday, I know that you’ll miss the way I cling on your arms. You’ll get uneasy that you cannot already go to me when something bothers you. You’ll miss the moments when you feel feminine and vulnerable when you’re with me. You’ll surely regret ignoring the soft part of you which you see as a weakness. Bit by bit, you’ll be tormented more and more by our mutual indifference to each other; and you’ll start to wonder where our precious moments together will now go. The world sees you as the tough one and me as the fragile one, yet the truth is the opposite. I know it very well despite your efforts of concealment, so don’t you dare sever your ties with me.

            Do I seem like I’m threatening you? Indeed I do, for the battlefield that we’re stepping on isn’t narrow. It’s so vast that I can still run after you despite your raising of your white flag. Remember that a particular wrath incurred in me lasts for ages, so you better watch out. I can play with your negative feelings like guilt and jealousy as I go on living my happy life. People like you are my inspiration for achieving so much. One day you will look back and see that I have risen above the ugly situation that we are in now, that I am not even fit to be your silent enemy ever again. So yes, dear friend, I am still hoping that you change your mind because things will really get ugly.

Much love
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