The Girl I'm Destined to be

The way that humans are able to amuse and surprise extra-terrestrial beings by being so unpredictable – like being a beggar and then rise to being a king later on – is not limited to everyone; not even to me. Although I may come across as shy, modest, humble, or self-effacing, I’m not really the girl who you think I am. Or if you happen to know me years ago, I advise you not to have a fixed opinion about me or in any way think that I am an inferior kind of woman who’s only fit to only be some kind of a maidservant or whatever. Because from now on, I’m sure that I’ll start attaining my destiny and the purpose of my current incarnation on this planet. As I tap into my heart and imagination, this is the vision that I came up with:

I will be a very pretty girl. I am eighteen now but I say “girl” because I will look younger than my true age. I will be petite forever because I love how petite I am. I really don’t like to stand out, and being petite helps me to hide from whatever I want to hide from. But I still want to have physical beauty because I wanna be adored despite not being flashy. I love my simplicity and I guess that’s who I really am. Since I first saw Britney Spears during my childhood, I instantly knew that I want to be that girl. I had an instant attraction to her that it seemed like my inner being shone a flickering light. And I don’t have this desire of being beautiful because I am ugly; in fact, I’ve always felt beautiful deep inside and I just had to let it out to the world. My shyness blocks my intense desire for true self-expression, but I’m getting out of that bit by bit. I just know that the pretty girl I wanna be is someone like Britney Spears.

And I wanna be a writer – specifically a famous novelistI wanna be someone like J. K. Rowling or Margaret Mitchell. I really admire their big brains. I wanna find out how they know all of that, so I aspire to be as intelligent as J. R. R. Tolkien. I know that I am not the type who’s suited to write a “The Lord of the Rings” type of book but I greatly admire his broad knowledge. Writers almost always know everything. Tolkien was also a professor and I was kinda shocked the minute I found out because I actually plan to teach too! I have this great desire of imparting knowledge to the world in a way that makes them interested in whatever I have to say. I have actually observed that I have the knack of making people listen and pay attention to what I am saying. Because I always know whatever I happen to say to people. I have this huge desire of changing ignorant people and turn them into intelligent citizens who have the power to change our government and educational system. I know that my special purpose was not to put the spotlight on myself but to help other people – sometimes even unconditionally. It’s because I know how hard it is to be helpless and ignorant.

I wanna be filthy rich so I can buy anything that I love for myself. I wanna have a big and clean house at a rural area where I can plant fruits and vegetables for my family. I want work that has something to do with my hands that’s why I write, paint, draw, and would love to try planting and harvesting crops. I will buy lots of books for me and my children to read. Of course I wouldn’t buy the dull ones (too academic) but only classics, fiction, spiritual, and self-help books. I will buy lots of art materials so my children and I would have artistic hobbies that they would prefer over computers and iPads. I also wanna buy lots of beautiful clothes, shoes, and makeup that could help me express my divine feminine. I love looking lovely all the time. I wanna have diverse interests and work. I feel like I’d only feel satisfied if I write, teach, and learn at the same time. Having only one work would be too boring for me. I want to get involved with everything that involves creativity.

I chose this unique path in life to help people within and out of my reach. I want to show women how lovely they can be. I want to show them to dismiss people who inhibit them to express themselves fully. I want to show them to follow their true passion, and let their hearts lead them to whatever they are destined to be. I want to show them that pursuing any kind of art for your career does not always lead to poverty, as many people believe. And although I might not be as stunning as Britney Spears, although I don’t have that charisma that would instantly lead me to Hollywood, I know that this path I’m currently taking is my heart’s desire. I know I’d still take a serious approach to life even as I actually become a beautiful woman. I know that I was sent to school to impart my knowledge to a large number of humans and help make wise creatures out of humanity. When I was a child, I didn’t really know where I should be headed, because I was too caught up in society’s expectations. But no, they don’t hold the path to my future. I came down in this earth to embody beauty and knowledge and spread it across the planet. 


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