Natural Beauty

“Natural beauty” has been a hot topic of debate for men and women alike. Men say that they prefer natural beauty in women, but women counterattack by saying that there is no such thing as natural beauty, and that men just don’t know anything about natural makeup. Women saying that they rely on their natural beauty would seem like a hypocrite to most women, as they see them as too cocky to admit that their natural state of beauty still has to receive help from cosmetics to really be a beauty on the streets. Being an eighteen year-old girl, I have permitted myself to use everyday makeup since last year so I understand both contrasting sides of women in regards to natural beauty. And although I prefer using light makeup before I present myself to the world, I can say from my observations and being a woman myself that women who are so opposed to natural beauty and to people who criticize the use of makeup are really talking from a standpoint of insecurity.

For the last two years, I’ve been dependent on makeup and hair dyes. And although we have to apply them to constantly feel and look good, I’ve come to realize lately that if beauty is present in an individual, it really is – and trying so hard to be one with the use of harmful chemicals may have a damaging effect which may only be visible later on. I realized that I’m already fed up with dyeing my hair and spending much time making up my face because it’s unfair that some women could just wash their face and already look like goddesses. It’s also costly being a high-maintenance girl. And so, lately I’ve decided to stop dyeing my hair and let it grow back as black again so as to let the world know that I’m proud of being a Filipina and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Pure Filipinos only grow black hair. I realized that although trying to make myself look foreign through hair dyes and makeup was successful in attracting attention and admiration, I now want to try the natural look and grow my self-confidence regarding the facial features that God has given me. My hair in itself is not ugly; in fact, my soft curls are often envied by women.

I’ve also realized lately that I’m being dependent on beauty products. I started having the habit of at least putting something on my face before facing other people. Although people find me pretty, my heart doesn’t see me that way because of the way I got dependent on cosmetics. Yes, cosmetics enhance our beauty – but do they really beautify us in the ­long run? Contrary to what most girls believe, these harmful chemicals that we like to put on our bodies actually help destroy us bit by bit. Hair dyes could cause a fearful amount of hair fall. Makeup could cause dull skin and dark lips. In short, they make us ugly. This could be evident after probably ten years of continually using them. And that’s not something a wise woman would opt to because all women naturally invest on their looks to attract a mate that would consider them marriage-material. Men of course would choose a woman who could still look beautiful after ten or twenty years of marriage as they are visual creatures.

So these advertisements of beauty products everywhere are just traps. It’s better not to fall into those traps but really, how we choose to beautify ourselves is really our own personal choice. Do what you know is best for you. However, I personally believe that true beauty must start and come from within. I’m not talking about inner beauty however; I’m saying that in the end, we’ll realize that water, fruits, vegetables, and exercise are what will really bring out the beauty of our physical bodies and not those harmful chemicals from commercial beauty products. I’ve also noticed that I look my best when I smile a lot. Not phony smiles but genuine smiles that stem from the heart. I get an instant blush-on and attractive energy that emanates from my being. Every girl of course wants to be a natural beauty – and it’s the best kind of beauty that we opt to try to achieve in my opinion, because nothing’s more attractive than authenticity. You may have also noticed that the one who’s got the most magnetic presence in a room is the one who is being himself. There is really nothing to be ashamed of our natural looks. We ought to be real. We are doing it for ourselves anyway. Cosmetics actually take away our youthful looks and natural beauty.


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