My Rose Quartz Crystal

I guess a few months back I first knew about crystals, their consciousness, and their healing properties. I thought that the idea was so splendid, for I believed for a long time that only those who are breathing, moving, and growing are living things. They even say that crystals can communicate, and that they can be talkative and funny. But it’s unfortunate that I am not extrasensory to enjoy their consolation and humorous speeches. And even though I have ignored the little crystal-knowledge I had after watching a video of Teal Scott (Swan) because I thought I’d only be spending lots of money for this, a tiny rough crystal unexpectedly made its way into my life.

Yesterday, I went into a mall to buy bathroom products because our summer vacation is nearly over.  I don’t know if I was just unintentionally picking up bad vibes from all around me or I was just literally having a bad hair day – because I trimmed my wavy hair shorter, my hair roots were showing, and I thought I was looking really weird. I guess I was feeling bad that people would judge my looks because I threw away a large percentage of my beauty now that my hair looks weird. After I’ve finished buying all that I had to buy, I was eager to go home immediately. I suddenly had a “social anxiety” because of my shorter hair.

However, on one corner of the mall where the souvenir shops are located, I got immediately drawn to one part of the group of stalls and looked at all of their Palawan shirts. Because I had nothing to do and I was lonely, I looked at dreamcatchers, keychains, and bracelets in a bored manner. Suddenly, I found myself touching a bracelet with red beads and a crystal pendant. The sales lady charmingly asked me what is it that I wanted, because I had softly gasped, “Crystal!” I asked her if the crystal on the bracelet was real and she said yes. There were other bracelets with rough crystals on them but I was drawn into the one with the red beads and a large, rough crystal pendant. The crystal was pale pink and about the size of a big coin, only ten times fatter. The lady said that it was rose quartz and that it was for love. I didn’t care what it was; I just felt a strong connection. I bought the crystal bracelet and had my spirits lifted up right away.

I was convinced that the rose quartz wanted me to be its keeper. When I got home, I immediately googled about the properties of a rose quartz and what it does to a person, and I smiled at what I have read. The rose quartz is a universal crystal for love, evident in its pink color. It gives off gentle energy and heals the heart chakra of emotional wounds and anger. It is also said to attract love into your life and improve your relationships. I was convinced that I needed a rose quartz in my life because I always find myself crying over all kinds of relationships I have or had. And I am a pretty emotional person, that people always tell me to guard my heart. My heart was probably already overused and injured so I was glad to find out that rose quartz gives you self-love and aids your self-worth. It has a very feminine energy that has anything to do with love. It is associated with the planet Venus.

I put this lovely crystal under my pillow before I went to sleep, and I had a very peaceful slumber. I woke up at eleven in the morning. And as this crystal is not a talisman for preventing arguments in relationships, I still found myself arguing with my boyfriend but I noticed that it wasn’t as harsh as what always happens before. Forgiveness came easily (although we fought about a really serious matter), and we were back in harmony again. I still haven’t used this in a month to give you a believable testimony, but I noticed that I’ve been in a pleasant temperament most of the time while wearing the rose quartz bracelet. It would be a miracle to those who really know me, because I am very irritable, I really have a fiery temperament, and I always seem like I bite. 


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