Messages from the Birds

Since I got out of the university after a very tiring semester, I vowed to never use my brain again during the summer vacation.  I expected many invitations of going out from friends, but I figured out that we were all thinking about ourselves. I guess I only got invitations five times; and so I seldom go out of my lovely cage. They care more about their studies than having happier times together – but although it sounds odd for true friendship, I prefer friends like them than those who only value temporary happiness through vices. I prefer having successful friends than spoiled brats. Friendship is not measured by the times you spent being together but by the strong bond that is formed for all tempests you have braved together.

And through all the times I have just been learning by myself inside my little corner of the house, I just realized that little creatures have been visiting my room ever since. I thought of their visits as mere coincidences, but I guess there’s no such thing as a coincidence. Every single incident that happens to a human being is brought to him by the universe itself, so everything definitely has a divine purpose. A few hours ago, a bird went inside my room. It flew beneath the ceiling and rested on my door for about five seconds. Then it flew away. I realized that it was not the first time a beautiful flying creature entered my room when I was always making sure that the doors and windows are closed when I'm alone. I also pondered for a moment that of all the rooms in this house, why did the birds choose mine? They seemed to make sure that I was well-aware of their presence. Oh, how cute they are.

My beau, who takes all things as a joke, kidded me that maybe the birds probably heard about my beauty from other animals in this forest and just tried to look at my face. But I’m not Snow White, you know, and the universe itself accidentally took me to an article online where I learned that these birds may be carrying a divine message from above, or from my ancestral guides. These birds just love pestering me when I’m alone. They make noises, eat my food from the kitchen, and play with the dishes. I couldn’t be wrong, because God communicates through nature. This time, a divine message was desperately sent to me because a bird really tried hard to go inside my small room and rest for a little while. I just don’t know what that message is. And I also don’t know why a bird was chosen.

This brief but meaningful moment in my life made me realize that God still cares for us even though we’re here in this hellish earth. And I understand why he wanted to communicate using nature, especially the animals. He lives in heaven where there is perfect spiritual bliss. This earth just cannot match the beautiful frequency of heaven so our planet was placed very far from it. But even though He is so far away, He lets us know that He is still with us through his creations. We are also his creation after all. Now I don’t know if that free little bird carries with it a specific message just for me, but still not being that enlightened, I perceive that brief visitation as God saying hi to me, and reminding me of His love when I feel all alone, helpless and friendless. Or the universe may be telling me to take off the weight of the world on my shoulders and be free as a bird. I am a lazy slob, but I am very active mentally. I take all inside, including the negative vibrations of other people. Maybe it’s time to free myself of everything and just fly away while thinking that I am always loved. 


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