A Queen in Past Life

I had my first practice of past life regression today and what I felt, knew, and saw weren’t as vivid and detailed as I expected them to be. Deep in my heart I knew that I had been a queen or some sort of a royalty; but if the information I got from the regression were merely my imagination, then I should have been a lovely princess with many suitors. However, everything I saw was not something I expected it to be. I’d like to believe that the information presented to me came from my subconscious, only blocked for a very long time.

I looked at my toes and I was wearing a lovely pair of flat shoes with the color of gold. And as I was examining my clothes, I saw that I was wearing a rusty gold gown which had long sleeves. I think my clothes gave me the idea that I was a queen and it was 1700-1800s at that time. I was inside a palace. When I looked to my left, I saw a butler which gave me a concerned look. However, I just knew that I must not trust him. His eyes were fixed on me; and the longer he stared at me, the more I get the impression that he was a traitor. Then, my sister passed and gave me a malicious stare. I got the impression that we were rivals. She was a “jealous sister.” The king, my husband, looked like an imbecile. He did not love me. I guess I did love him a little bit, but I was also a wee bit upset that he did not love me. We had one lovely little daughter, however.

The atmosphere was so sad. I feel like I had a bad reputation as a queen. I had no friends and no one understood me. And my sad life was mostly caused by my jealous sister. I even suspect her to be responsible for my death; but I cannot remember what the cause of my death was. I think I was on my forties when I died. And as I was dying, I was lying on some sort of a bed, and all the people on the royal court were around me. I could not feel true love and sympathy from them. I see them all as traitors who were just waiting for me to die. My tears were already falling as I was recalling that event. Only one little girl ran up to me and hugged me. I felt her genuine love and it made me happy as I was dying. I really loved that girl. I think she was my daughter.

Everything was still so vague to me. I did not clearly get the lesson which I learned from living that life, nor the reason why I chose my parents and this kind of life. But as I was growing up, I had an innate sense of entitlement for everything and I expect people to notice and adore me. Some people had already told me that I had a disposition of a royalty and I also liked to believe them. I do not get along with my sister in this life and we spent our lives getting better than each other. People always compare us. I also feel unloved most of the time, and it’s true that there are lots of traitors and jealous people in my life. I just lead an ordinary life right now and I know deep in my heart that having less money doesn’t make you less of a person. I know in this life that material wealth couldn’t give you spiritual bliss. I still don’t understand most things, but I see lots of parallelisms in my life then and now. 


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