People Critiquing My Appearance (Dream)

Last night in my dream, I was very self-conscious.

I was walking confidently with my friends when suddenly people were criticizing my wavy hair. They were talking about my curls while I’m around. Then suddenly I saw my reflection, and my curls got emphasized. I was very curly in my dream.

Then, people were talking about how pretty I am, and I acted as if I’m already used to the idea. Then, my “enemy” (in real life) suddenly just criticized my makeup and made me feel like shit. People were just admiring me, and now she makes me think I’m ugly? Also, I am not the kind of person who would wear too much makeup. I just wanted to look clean and presentable. Her comment just offended me.

After waking up, I looked up their probable meanings at Myjellybean Dream Dictionary:

Curling/Curly (Hair)
Curly hair in dreams signifies a new romantic relationship. Somebody likes you! If you dreamed of having your curly hair cut, exciting changes for the better are just around the corner.
A dream of using or buying makeup is a very fortunate omen. Good luck is coming your way.
If you were criticized by others in your dream, you can rely on your friends to stand by you. However, if you criticized someone in your dream, this means that in real life, your actions will be subject to criticism.

I felt terrible in the dream, and it’s a relief that it has good meanings. Well, we can’t always rely on dream dictionaries, but who knows what our dreams’ purposes are? Maybe it really aimed to warn me of a new guy coming into my life. A psychic actually predicted that a musician type of boyfriend is coming my way. It highly confuses me because I already have a boyfriend and he’s the sporty type. Also, the two other symbol meanings are pretty good. Dreams are kinda weird and mysterious. 


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