Loved by Aunts

After a very long time, I have been reunited with my aunts and cousins again last night. Not only was I welcomed very warmly, but I was touched by the sense of familiarity and belongingness that I have missed for a long time. I especially felt the feminine power radiated by my aunts and my mother as they talked to each other. They were like puppies playing and barking at each other. And I was left wondering in my seat, how come I belonged to them when I felt I was the only one different? But this feeling of “being different” that I have always sensed since I was young was given a good meaning last night – because last night, my aunts were very drawn to me and among us cousins, their attention was on me.

My aunts were very jovial. As they were chattering and bickering over trivial matters, they were consulting me for my opinions. I felt very important that my viewpoints were given much importance now. They even laugh at my statements! Well, maybe it’s because I’m an adult now. But it was a new feeling. All my life I’ve hidden under my shell of shyness, but they don’t belittle me now unlike people normally do many years before. All my life people have treated me like something’s wrong with me. All my life they have perceived me as a helpless person. But this time, I am a part of the family. They loved my company, even if all I could give them was my presence. I still couldn’t blab noisily and breathlessly the way I do during one-on-one interactions, but it really felt good to be in the company of mature women. It felt like I had a sort of feminine empowerment within me.

Out of the blue my aunts just started to compliment me of my beauty. One by one they joined in, and for a moment I was like, “Oh, stop it you!” but they insisted that I was really the most beautiful of all their nieces and that I was a combination of all the beautiful blessings of nature – a beautiful hair, beautiful nose, beautiful face, beautiful heart, and an intelligent mind. I flushed and was about ready to burst because my mother really don’t recognize those traits of mine so I grew up thinking that I am worse than anybody else and that I should work harder no matter what I achieve. All my life I was thinking that I wasn’t enough. Luckily my aunts just knew what to say to me. I love them. At least they appreciate what kind of niece they have. When they grow old and helpless, I vow to myself to take care of them in my own little ways. 


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