Insights on Astrology and the Occult

I have four months of summer vacation, and I spend it on studying astrology, karma, unseen beings, and other aspects of the occult. I am not planning on becoming a witch, you know, but there is something alluring about these subjects. I feel as if I am missing out on a lot of ancient knowledge that I ought to know, and is also crucial for my survival. I am not a girl who follows fashion trends all the time, and I prided myself on doing whatever I want and not caring about what others say. I’d probably lose interest if half of the world took interest in the real study of astrology, where natal charts are involved. I like knowing things that other people don’t. I’m possessive that way. This is certainly not part of my academic curriculum, for these topics that I’m dying to master are branches of the forbidden knowledge. Still, there is some sort of magnetic pull that triggers my curiosity.

It’s impossible to master these things in just a few months, but I’m glad that I’m already well acquainted with the occult sciences. There are just so many things that our science teachers can’t explain, but we know deep in our hearts that they've always been here. The universe is full of mysteries that even the human brain cannot comprehend. Now I know why the Bible warns us to not be worldly, and get in touch with our spirituality all the time. For me, this forbidden knowledge is not available for everyone, for one has to dig deeper into things to fully understand. I have also read somewhere that King Solomon was called the “wise king” because he had a lot of knowledge of the occult. Even the “halos” put on famous spiritual figures on paintings were in fact their “auras,” but it takes a spiritual person to believe. It’s because not all of us see auras. Some people just have gifts and open sixth senses that they see, feel, and know a lot more than a normal human being.

But sometimes, those calculators of our astrological birth charts have their flaws too. I find mine to be inaccurate. I get different results in Vedic astrology and Western astrology, but I can’t have a split soul! I was born as me, and I am me. Although they help me define who I really am (which I am always dying to know), I hate getting confused regarding my identity. You see, I guess my sole purpose in life is to find my individuality. I won’t allow the society to define who I am, because the stars have already molded me before I was born. And I don’t really get the difference between Vedic and Western astrology. One says that I am a Cancer rising, and the other says that I am a Leo rising. I don’t fucking like getting confused there because I am fucking emotional and dreamy and I fucking love attention so much too. I just study astrology to understand myself and other people and realize my own hidden strengths, but I don’t think that it seals my destiny. The stars’ job is to guide you to the path that you must and must not take and warn you to the possible danger that comes your way, but your destiny is entirely up to you. We were given free will to make our own reality.

I don’t really have plans on becoming a witch (not all people who study occult are that extreme), but as we all know, knowledge is power. I use this to strengthen my sense of self. I use this to know what makes people tick. I use this to practice delving into the souls of people so I may have good relationships with them. I use this to understand the deeper mysteries that humans are not aware of. Nowadays, we try to control everything through technology. But no matter how intelligent and capable we are as humans, we must understand that we are still no match compared to the Supreme Being where all source of life and energy came from. We can’t have greater power than the Great Creator and Destroyer. By studying occult, I also get  to know how amazing our God is, how great his unending knowledge is, and how great his love for all the souls that exist in the whole universe is. 


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