How to Look Fresh and Blooming

Hey, lovelies! Automatically I assume that the readers are mostly females, and if you’re looking for beauty tips that won’t betray you, then just read on.

These tips are gotten from Girltalk, a forum by, and I just made a post about it because reading from a long thread of posts can be tiring. Here is the link if you want to go to the said forum thread.

Start from the inside.

Trying to beautify the external part of yourselves will be worthless if you’re very malnourished and have lots of junk inside your body. Take vitamins C and E to look healthy and glowing. Drink lots of water to flush out the toxins in your body and to keep your skin hydrated. If you drink the enough amount of water daily, you’d probably not need moisturizers anymore. Then, get lots of sleep and stay away from anything that gives you stress. Anyone who seems stressed look ten years older, right? A girl who slept well and is free of worries gives off a happy and charming vibe. Eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. It’s easier to get nutrients straight from these foods – and if possible, stay away from junk food and fast-food diets. Then, exercise and get sweaty! It’s healthy to always free ourselves from wastes by doing these and not only rely on our urine and stools.

Put on very light makeup.

We only have to keep it simple because less is more. You will look fresher if your makeup is lighter and simpler; heavy makeup can make you look years older and kind of fake. You can invest on a BB cream because it really won’t betray you – it will make your face look moisturized and smoother while keeping it natural. Only wear lip tint or lip gloss on simple occasions because lipsticks are a bit intense and are only worn by mature adults. Especially avoid the color red, for it will make you appear intimidating. Go for pinks, nudes, and corals for a young and fresh look. You may also put on a light blush or cheek tint to appear healthy and blooming. And don’t forget a soft talcum powder like Johnson’s Baby Powder to control the oiliness and look clean. Looking clean is very important for girls.

Dress to look fresh.

Wear clean and ironed clothes. You may opt or florals, pastels, and shorts. Choose comfortable clothes that fit you well. The clothes may be as simple as possible, to avoid it from overpowering your facial beauty.

Smell like a flower.

Girls don’t only have to look fresh, but smell fresh too. If you’re seeking to please their senses, then don’t target only their eyesight. We have to smell good too. We all know how they all get turned off by smelly women.

Keep yourself very clean.

Always get the dirt off your nails and trim them once a week. While nail art is attractive, we have to also let our nails breathe. The natural pinkish shade of our nails is pretty too, right? Also, the eyebrows are very important. Keep them looking polished and clean. However, do not overpluck them because then you’d look older. That’s not our goal here. :) You may also take a bath atleast twice a day. Have a body scrub once a week. Also, that regular peel gives our skin that attractive glow. Whitening soaps actually just make me look cleaner and more radiant, and not as pale as those who take in glutathione.

Keep a lovely crowning glory.

Get a good haircut that flatters your face. This is very important as our hair shapes our faces also. Keep it washed and conditioned, and love your natural straightness or curls. You may also dye your hair with natural-looking brown, for that shade makes you look younger. Black is gloomier than brown. However, consider your skin and facial features also. Make sure you won’t ever regret dyeing your crowning glory.

Keep a positive attitude!

It is important for girls to smile always, for it makes them look attractive and more approachable. Have a good posture, and look confident. It’s hard to have a good first impression on a slouchy and grouchy girl. Like what I said on the first tip, everything starts from the inside. If we're insecure, sad, and angry inside, it will definitely show through our gloomy and dark countenance. No one wants to be with someone who's been affected by negativity herself. We have to be really happy within because only genuine happiness can have an impact on others. You’re beautiful, and you certainly know it. Spread good vibes to the world!


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