Girly Things to do when Bored

Having a long summer vacation? Not getting enough attention from your boyfriend? All your friends are busy enough to hang out with? Alone in your house or room? Have so much time for being idle and thinking negative thoughts – or simply bored out of your wits? Girls, there are lots of things that you can do to beat boredom:

Clean the house or do your laundry.

Try practicing being a good housewife even though having a married life is still ten years away. Cleaning your house is a good and productive way of losing calories. And it’s a girl’s duty to be clean, right? It is also important to do your laundry, especially your pretty underwear, so you won’t have any shortage of panties. It’s important to always have a clean stack of underwear. Before anything else, we must be very hygienic as females.

Eat, or search for anything to cook.

We can eat for nourishment or for added enjoyment especially when watching movies or educational documentaries. Or, if you want to get busier, you can learn to cook more complicated food for you or for others to eat. It’s always an advantage for a girl if she knows how to cook. While keeping yourself busy, it’s also making you practice your “housewife skill” or simply a skill for survival. We have to know how to cook for ourselves. We can’t let ourselves go hungry.

Release your creative juices.

If you really, really, don’t know what to do in times of idleness, you can exercise your brain and try to squeeze if it still has creative juices. Try drawing or painting. Appreciate the arts and the beauty of your surroundings. Try making paintings that you can hang on your own house. Write stories, poems, essays, or blog posts. Release your creativity and you might as well add more beauty to the world while having nothing else to do.

Read books.

Oh, my favorite hobby! This is not something only snobby people do. Reading is encouraged since we were in the first grade, because for what else did we learn the alphabet and how to read? If you have nothing else to do, or no one else is around to talk to you, picking up a book and reading it without prejudice can make you smarter, expand your vocabulary, broaden your point of view about anything, make you aware of the reality in the world, expose you to different cultures, and help you understand people better. I tell you, this is so much better than watching television. Books (especially the good ones) can give you so much wisdom that you may need in your life.

Watch whatever.

Well it’s entirely up to you, but I don’t recommend television shows. You can watch movies if they’re beneficial to you like movies of the Disney princesses that could bring up childhood nostalgia and deep lessons hidden in innocent fairy tales, or detective movies that could make you think. You can also download BBC documentaries online that could satisfy your curiosity about anything and give you information that you couldn’t get inside a four-walled classroom. You can watch historical movies, or shallow chick flicks that could just satisfy your desire to watch them. It’s up to you.


Having lots of time with nothing to do is actually a good time for your body! Taking a bath is a necessity, and you could have it twice or thrice a day if you like. You can scrub your body, get soaked in the suds of a whitening soap, or sing with all your might inside a bathroom. You can put honey masks on your face, trim or color your lovely nails, take care of your battered feet, apply lots of whatever on your hair, or even experiment with makeup. Having weeks or months of free time is actually good for pampering yourself, so you could prepare your beauty the next time you go out.


If you really, really, really have nothing else to do and you don’t wanna do anything I have written above, then just sleep. By being unconscious, you could avoid adding things to your angel’s list of your bad deeds. You could avoid pestering your boyfriend when he’s busy. Sleep actually has lots of benefits, especially on beauty. It repairs your cells and everything. By dreaming, your brain balances itself from the stress the life gives you. If you had only a few hours of sleep during the night, then get more sleep – even if it’s already morning or afternoon. By the time you wake up, much time has already passed. :)


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