Girl Insecurities

That girl is probably just insecure, blah blah nananana boo boo.

And that’s the problem with girls. WE ARE ALL INSECURE. Some girls just appear confident because they are adept at concealing their feelings of insecurity. Even the prettiest people have something to dislike about themselves. Even supermodels get insecure. Every girl wants to achieve perfection, but the thing is, even the most perfect woman in our eyes is still secretly bugged by her flaws. Being a girl or a woman is actually a great thing, but one of the things that make it hard is the society’s expectation of beauty for every female species. That is why we constantly compare ourselves to other girls.

We have different things to complain about. Some girls are fat, some are anorexic. Everyone wants a model figure, or a super curvy one, but Mother Nature failed to give them a beautiful feminine figure. Some girls complain about their skin – their acne, acne scars, knee scars, skin diseases, complexion, dark underarms and groin, or uneven skin tone. Sexy models have flat tummies, so we feel bad about our fat tummies or side bellies. Some girls don’t like their hair – straight ones want curls, while curly ones want their hair to be straightened. Some girls get depressed over their flat chests and flat asses because being able to flaunt your sexiness adds great points in attractiveness. Some girls hate that they are too big or too petite. Some get annoyed by their ugly eyebrows, ugly feet, mustache, crooked teeth, stretch marks, double chin, puffy eye bags, dark circles, too broad shoulders or jaws that are too masculine.

Too much of these insecurities give us a very low self-esteem, which negatively affects our daily life performance. Sometimes we feel so bad about our appearance that we get insecure of our skinny or pretty friends. We avoid sitting or standing next to a pretty girl because she makes us feel and look like shit. We avoid getting noticed on the streets so as to not hear negative comments about our appearance. We get depressed and all that, and what makes it harder is when we come across a very beautiful girl. It’s like a hard slap in the face. We care so much about what other people think that it hurts us. Sometimes we just have to stop comparing ourselves to other girls and accept each other and move on.

Nobody is born perfect. We all have flaws, and what matters most is how we deal with it. Having lots of insecurities is not the end of the world, you know. And instead of bawling out, you better treat them one by one if you want. If you’re fat, then go on a diet and exercise a lot. Use your insecurity as a motivation to be better. Learn to love what you have and everything follows. Remember that being beautiful is being able to overcome your insecurities and imperfections. Smile! The world is not a beauty pageant, girl. Show everyone that you are more than just your appearance. Your body is just a covering to your soul which is the most important part of you. :)


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