Fair-Skinned Pinays = Beautiful?

Marian Rivera, a half-Spanish Filipina actress 

When I was a little girl, I’ve always been attracted to fair-skinned women with balanced features. I don’t know why, but I really don’t find morenas to be on the same level as the Snow Whites, as the former give me the impression that they’re on the lower social class. Even though some people love the glow of tanned skin, as a young girl, I honestly get repulsed by them and stare longer at the mestizas instead, even though I am also morena, being born a Filipina. Most of the time, those Snow Whites that I found pretty back then often had foreign blood (i.e. American or German) in them. And I guess this is how I developed colonial mentality as a kid.

It’s strange to know that foreigners adore the natural tan that Filipinos have. While they spend lots of money on tanning themselves, here we are also splurging on whitening products. We always want what we can’t have, you know. We’re not contented with what God gave us. And have you noticed that whether a woman is half-Chinese, half-Japanese, half-Italian, or half-American, they’re always beautiful to the Filipinos as long as they are fair-skinned? Because Philippines is a tropical country, and has a cruel sun above it, fair skinned people there are regarded as very attractive because they give the impression that they are wealthy, pampered, and not made to work under the sun. Whether they admit it or not, Filipinos automatically get attracted to fair-skinned women, sometimes regardless of their facial features. “Basta maputi, pwede na yan!”

Most guys I know often crushes on fair-skinned pretty girls. My current boyfriend said that I got his attention because of my fair complexion. And most fair-skinned girls (who are also blessed with facial beauty) claim to be headturners and get more male attention that the pretty morenas. It seems like everywhere you go, as long as you’re here in the Philippines, you’ll get more male stares when you have a porcelain skin especially when your white legs are also exposed. Yes, for a lot of Pinoys, “fair-skinned Pinays = beautiful” is a fact. White girls look cleaner than the sunkissed ones. And cleanliness is a big factor when guys check out on girls. Having white skin makes it easier for them to reflect the sunlight, making them look radiant and blooming. The radiance of their skin is a bit blinding to guys. When you’re a Filipina, having fair skin would automatically add 100 ganda points.

Yes I know it’s very unfair, when most Filipinas are born with natural tan. Would you just agree that all fair-skinned Pinays are automatically beautiful? Of course not. True beauty is seen in the balanced facial features and mesmerizing smiles. It is manifested through a girl’s elegance and confidence. It is through her magnetic aura and headturning presence. Whether you’re a mestiza or a morena, it doesn’t really matter. A beautiful woman is beautiful, regardless of her race or skin color. 


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