Single again?

I have endured being single for two years so this new relationship that I am in was very much anticipated. For a long time I have fixed myself and prepared for “the one,” whoever he is, or just wanted to be in a serious relationship with a boy who loves me too. Because the truth is, I don’t have much friends. Maybe I do have a few friends and many acquaintances, but I only trust very few people. It’s because I know that when I give myself to someone, I give my all.  Sharing your thoughts with only your journal is a very lonely thing to do, so one girl best friend and one boyfriend will already do for me. I don’t like shallow relationships with people who only look for fun, so I get drawn to grounded people who listen and try to understand my dramas in life. Being my boyfriend would probably be a very tough job seeing how emotionally unstable I am, but I guarantee you that once I give you my heart, it’s already yours to keep. Unless of course you break it – because I am capable of hating you with great passion equal to how I loved you before.

For at least two years of romantic loneliness, I decided that I wanted a dominant man. I want an aggressive and masculine man. I decided that I hate cowards – those who don’t know how to fight for what they want and are easily swayed by naysayers. I have worked towards being feminine, so I wanted someone opposite to compliment me. Just think of the yin-yang theory. I want someone who is willing to fight all odds just to be with me. And yes, I am finally with a masculine man – but his dominance is just too much. He is too manly while still immature that I find myself suffocated sometimes. His protectiveness is too much that I already see it as possessiveness. His idea of gender is very traditional, that I find it very unfair that he gets mad at me when he feels like I’m taking away his freedom. As a man, he always gets his way; and as a woman, I always try to understand. Our ideas of love are very different. We also tend to argue most of the time (like any other couple out there) but I'm already hurting way too much. Even my friends tell me that this relationship does not do me any good.

Now I’m not going to beat around the bush – my current relationship with this man is not going too well. In fact, he requested to have his space, to “cool off” in our relationship; and I’m not too sure whether this will further lead to a breakup or not. But most people say that “cool off” is just a prelude to a breakup. He just drives me nuts, and I don’t know what to do as men like to play mind games with women. Yes I do love him, and I’m just not ready to let go of my present happiness. I’d only get out of an abusive relationship once I’ve gotten over everything and found new happiness in my life. And this idea of being single again honestly bothers me and makes me think that no guy can really stay with me for too long. Again, this makes me think that something’s wrong with me. But I don’t think so. It just so happened that I attract guys with insecurity problems or problems with their psyche; and although this affects me deeply, I just think that the universe wants to give me a lesson. It knows that I only grow through one-on-one relationships so my relationships with my very close friends, boyfriends, and family get tested often.

To be honest, this idea of being single again bothers me a lot. I don’t want to get out of a relationship because I’d feel alone again. I’d be out of people’s sight again for a long time while trying to lick my wounded heart. I guess my mistake was that I was too amazed at the idea of yin and yang that I just identified myself with yin and that I should find the yang who would complete me. I did not realize that I was already complete by myself. I was born perfectly complete, so why am I getting too stressed about searching for someone who’d complete me? Every person has both yin and yang within them; feminine women just display the dominance of yin in them and vice versa. This idea that we wouldn’t be happy until that special someone comes into our lives is utterly false, because whether we’re in a relationship or not, we will never be truly happy if we cannot generate our own happiness. We all have our cups to fill. If our own cups are overflowing with love and happiness, then that’s the only time we can share it with others. Because if that’s not the case, then we will be parasitic to others and they will feel very drained. After hours of reflection I have realized this mistake. Perhaps I became too clingy too. And now, if ever I get single again, it doesn’t matter. It is still my job to love myself and make myself happy. 

Loved by Aunts

After a very long time, I have been reunited with my aunts and cousins again last night. Not only was I welcomed very warmly, but I was touched by the sense of familiarity and belongingness that I have missed for a long time. I especially felt the feminine power radiated by my aunts and my mother as they talked to each other. They were like puppies playing and barking at each other. And I was left wondering in my seat, how come I belonged to them when I felt I was the only one different? But this feeling of “being different” that I have always sensed since I was young was given a good meaning last night – because last night, my aunts were very drawn to me and among us cousins, their attention was on me.

My aunts were very jovial. As they were chattering and bickering over trivial matters, they were consulting me for my opinions. I felt very important that my viewpoints were given much importance now. They even laugh at my statements! Well, maybe it’s because I’m an adult now. But it was a new feeling. All my life I’ve hidden under my shell of shyness, but they don’t belittle me now unlike people normally do many years before. All my life people have treated me like something’s wrong with me. All my life they have perceived me as a helpless person. But this time, I am a part of the family. They loved my company, even if all I could give them was my presence. I still couldn’t blab noisily and breathlessly the way I do during one-on-one interactions, but it really felt good to be in the company of mature women. It felt like I had a sort of feminine empowerment within me.

Out of the blue my aunts just started to compliment me of my beauty. One by one they joined in, and for a moment I was like, “Oh, stop it you!” but they insisted that I was really the most beautiful of all their nieces and that I was a combination of all the beautiful blessings of nature – a beautiful hair, beautiful nose, beautiful face, beautiful heart, and an intelligent mind. I flushed and was about ready to burst because my mother really don’t recognize those traits of mine so I grew up thinking that I am worse than anybody else and that I should work harder no matter what I achieve. All my life I was thinking that I wasn’t enough. Luckily my aunts just knew what to say to me. I love them. At least they appreciate what kind of niece they have. When they grow old and helpless, I vow to myself to take care of them in my own little ways. 

People Critiquing My Appearance (Dream)

Last night in my dream, I was very self-conscious.

I was walking confidently with my friends when suddenly people were criticizing my wavy hair. They were talking about my curls while I’m around. Then suddenly I saw my reflection, and my curls got emphasized. I was very curly in my dream.

Then, people were talking about how pretty I am, and I acted as if I’m already used to the idea. Then, my “enemy” (in real life) suddenly just criticized my makeup and made me feel like shit. People were just admiring me, and now she makes me think I’m ugly? Also, I am not the kind of person who would wear too much makeup. I just wanted to look clean and presentable. Her comment just offended me.

After waking up, I looked up their probable meanings at Myjellybean Dream Dictionary:

Curling/Curly (Hair)
Curly hair in dreams signifies a new romantic relationship. Somebody likes you! If you dreamed of having your curly hair cut, exciting changes for the better are just around the corner.
A dream of using or buying makeup is a very fortunate omen. Good luck is coming your way.
If you were criticized by others in your dream, you can rely on your friends to stand by you. However, if you criticized someone in your dream, this means that in real life, your actions will be subject to criticism.

I felt terrible in the dream, and it’s a relief that it has good meanings. Well, we can’t always rely on dream dictionaries, but who knows what our dreams’ purposes are? Maybe it really aimed to warn me of a new guy coming into my life. A psychic actually predicted that a musician type of boyfriend is coming my way. It highly confuses me because I already have a boyfriend and he’s the sporty type. Also, the two other symbol meanings are pretty good. Dreams are kinda weird and mysterious. 

Insights on Astrology and the Occult

I have four months of summer vacation, and I spend it on studying astrology, karma, unseen beings, and other aspects of the occult. I am not planning on becoming a witch, you know, but there is something alluring about these subjects. I feel as if I am missing out on a lot of ancient knowledge that I ought to know, and is also crucial for my survival. I am not a girl who follows fashion trends all the time, and I prided myself on doing whatever I want and not caring about what others say. I’d probably lose interest if half of the world took interest in the real study of astrology, where natal charts are involved. I like knowing things that other people don’t. I’m possessive that way. This is certainly not part of my academic curriculum, for these topics that I’m dying to master are branches of the forbidden knowledge. Still, there is some sort of magnetic pull that triggers my curiosity.

It’s impossible to master these things in just a few months, but I’m glad that I’m already well acquainted with the occult sciences. There are just so many things that our science teachers can’t explain, but we know deep in our hearts that they've always been here. The universe is full of mysteries that even the human brain cannot comprehend. Now I know why the Bible warns us to not be worldly, and get in touch with our spirituality all the time. For me, this forbidden knowledge is not available for everyone, for one has to dig deeper into things to fully understand. I have also read somewhere that King Solomon was called the “wise king” because he had a lot of knowledge of the occult. Even the “halos” put on famous spiritual figures on paintings were in fact their “auras,” but it takes a spiritual person to believe. It’s because not all of us see auras. Some people just have gifts and open sixth senses that they see, feel, and know a lot more than a normal human being.

But sometimes, those calculators of our astrological birth charts have their flaws too. I find mine to be inaccurate. I get different results in Vedic astrology and Western astrology, but I can’t have a split soul! I was born as me, and I am me. Although they help me define who I really am (which I am always dying to know), I hate getting confused regarding my identity. You see, I guess my sole purpose in life is to find my individuality. I won’t allow the society to define who I am, because the stars have already molded me before I was born. And I don’t really get the difference between Vedic and Western astrology. One says that I am a Cancer rising, and the other says that I am a Leo rising. I don’t fucking like getting confused there because I am fucking emotional and dreamy and I fucking love attention so much too. I just study astrology to understand myself and other people and realize my own hidden strengths, but I don’t think that it seals my destiny. The stars’ job is to guide you to the path that you must and must not take and warn you to the possible danger that comes your way, but your destiny is entirely up to you. We were given free will to make our own reality.

I don’t really have plans on becoming a witch (not all people who study occult are that extreme), but as we all know, knowledge is power. I use this to strengthen my sense of self. I use this to know what makes people tick. I use this to practice delving into the souls of people so I may have good relationships with them. I use this to understand the deeper mysteries that humans are not aware of. Nowadays, we try to control everything through technology. But no matter how intelligent and capable we are as humans, we must understand that we are still no match compared to the Supreme Being where all source of life and energy came from. We can’t have greater power than the Great Creator and Destroyer. By studying occult, I also get  to know how amazing our God is, how great his unending knowledge is, and how great his love for all the souls that exist in the whole universe is. 

On Being the Slut, the Other Woman, or the Fling-Thing

You probably already know that historically, I was a very unattractive girl. I was the type who goes for straight-A’s, with hair always in a low ponytail, lots of pimples, and just a plain classmate whom you would normally “friendzone” as a guy. Other than that, I was born with a very low self-esteem and no sense of self-worth. I always seek for approval which I don’t usually get – because as I have stated earlier, I wasn’t pretty. I was a sucker for compliments deep inside, because I wanted to treat this deep wound that I had since childhood. I often retreated to a world of my own and wrote in journals. I felt like no one understood me but me. Yes shy and introverted girls, I am one of you. And no matter what I do, I just can’t invade all the bars in the world just to improve my social status. Crowds full of phony extroverts disgust me.

And it came to that point where I became very desperate. As soon as I started college, I improved my looks, changed the way I dress, and grew my hair long. I pestered Google just to know what the secrets of beauty, attractiveness, and charisma are. I reflected on what my flaws were and tried really hard to change myself for the better. I just had that intense desire to be admired so much for everything, especially for my beauty. Ever since I was little I already had that dream; but I kind of ignored it because I thought I just had to wait for adulthood for me to have big boobs and ass. But right now, I’m already an adult. Everything was up to me, for I had no fairy godmother. But the fruits of my labor already showed up a few months later. I was prettier and I had more admirers. I finally had men who crush on me when they see me personally. It was already a big achievement for me because I only had my boyfriends earlier in life due to texting. Those weren’t serious relationships that I had, but back then I didn’t care about the fact that not getting taken seriously in love is already a big disappointment. There must be something wrong with me, I thought.

For almost two years in college, I had a bit too much of flings and relationships with random men who just got attracted after seeing me or hearing me sing (yes, it’s the insecure me who’s boldly talking). Some of them were even heartthrobs and I had an instant self-esteem boost because of that. Some of them were fucking handsome, and some probably had only charm, but they all had desirable traits in them that would have made me give up my womb to them if only I was a slut. It’d be too hard to describe my unique experiences with each one of them, but they shared this one deed in common – they all broke my heart. Yes, with this girl that almost all passersby would drool over (I’m exaggerating); they managed to break her heart and leave her without any explanations. At first they seem to be laying their hearts on my feet, but in the end they’ll just treat me like shit with lots of flies hovering over. I don’t even know what turns them off, I was just being me! But a few of them told me that some jealous girls told them bad things about me which aren’t even true. I had no friends, you know. Just jealous enemies. I’d sound like a terrible, terrible person if I addressed this as #PrettyProblems, but that was how I lived in the past two years. I loved male attention, but I couldn’t get a serious boyfriend because no one took me seriously. I had a slutty reputation.

I even did those things that I couldn’t believe I did. I had this huge crush on an older schoolmate and we hugged and kissed passionately on one acquaintance party. I didn’t know that he had a girlfriend! And I also kissed another older schoolmate of mine that I also had a crush on only to find out that he plans to court my classmate. Those jerks! And there’s a lot more escapades that resulted from the intense longing of my heart, but all I gained was a slutty reputation. I was fooled, you know. I had no intention of ruining relationships. In fact, I wanted so bad to have one of my own. These incidents affected my social life and my self-esteem. I wasn’t a true-blue bitch, so experiencing those was a very big blow to me. I realized that I am not being respected by men. I realized that I was always taken for granted. Or only wanted for my sexuality. And so, I tried to withdraw from all that chaos and improve myself some more. I needed to have a comeback. I am a goddess.

Now I have a boyfriend who terribly loves me. He is like a soldier in protecting me, as if people are always trying to grab me from him. Finally, this guy has a perfect image of me. His friends are the biggest “chickboys” of the town, and he brags about me everywhere he goes. What’s even flattering is that this guy had handsome competitors, but I just had to show everyone that the one who treats me with overpowering love and respect is the one who gets me. My male friends and acquaintances even shower me with praises, affection, and attention now when they used to just ignore me back then. I’ve risen from a doormat to a royalty. From these painful experiences, I’ve learned great lessons. If you wanted to be treated with respect, respect yourself first. I’ve learned that there is no middle ground between a doormat and a goddess, and it’s up to you whether you’ll choose one or the other. Sometimes we have to be painfully burned to be able to rise from the ashes, like a phoenix.

Girl Insecurities

That girl is probably just insecure, blah blah nananana boo boo.

And that’s the problem with girls. WE ARE ALL INSECURE. Some girls just appear confident because they are adept at concealing their feelings of insecurity. Even the prettiest people have something to dislike about themselves. Even supermodels get insecure. Every girl wants to achieve perfection, but the thing is, even the most perfect woman in our eyes is still secretly bugged by her flaws. Being a girl or a woman is actually a great thing, but one of the things that make it hard is the society’s expectation of beauty for every female species. That is why we constantly compare ourselves to other girls.

We have different things to complain about. Some girls are fat, some are anorexic. Everyone wants a model figure, or a super curvy one, but Mother Nature failed to give them a beautiful feminine figure. Some girls complain about their skin – their acne, acne scars, knee scars, skin diseases, complexion, dark underarms and groin, or uneven skin tone. Sexy models have flat tummies, so we feel bad about our fat tummies or side bellies. Some girls don’t like their hair – straight ones want curls, while curly ones want their hair to be straightened. Some girls get depressed over their flat chests and flat asses because being able to flaunt your sexiness adds great points in attractiveness. Some girls hate that they are too big or too petite. Some get annoyed by their ugly eyebrows, ugly feet, mustache, crooked teeth, stretch marks, double chin, puffy eye bags, dark circles, too broad shoulders or jaws that are too masculine.

Too much of these insecurities give us a very low self-esteem, which negatively affects our daily life performance. Sometimes we feel so bad about our appearance that we get insecure of our skinny or pretty friends. We avoid sitting or standing next to a pretty girl because she makes us feel and look like shit. We avoid getting noticed on the streets so as to not hear negative comments about our appearance. We get depressed and all that, and what makes it harder is when we come across a very beautiful girl. It’s like a hard slap in the face. We care so much about what other people think that it hurts us. Sometimes we just have to stop comparing ourselves to other girls and accept each other and move on.

Nobody is born perfect. We all have flaws, and what matters most is how we deal with it. Having lots of insecurities is not the end of the world, you know. And instead of bawling out, you better treat them one by one if you want. If you’re fat, then go on a diet and exercise a lot. Use your insecurity as a motivation to be better. Learn to love what you have and everything follows. Remember that being beautiful is being able to overcome your insecurities and imperfections. Smile! The world is not a beauty pageant, girl. Show everyone that you are more than just your appearance. Your body is just a covering to your soul which is the most important part of you. :)

Fair-Skinned Pinays = Beautiful?

Marian Rivera, a half-Spanish Filipina actress 

When I was a little girl, I’ve always been attracted to fair-skinned women with balanced features. I don’t know why, but I really don’t find morenas to be on the same level as the Snow Whites, as the former give me the impression that they’re on the lower social class. Even though some people love the glow of tanned skin, as a young girl, I honestly get repulsed by them and stare longer at the mestizas instead, even though I am also morena, being born a Filipina. Most of the time, those Snow Whites that I found pretty back then often had foreign blood (i.e. American or German) in them. And I guess this is how I developed colonial mentality as a kid.

It’s strange to know that foreigners adore the natural tan that Filipinos have. While they spend lots of money on tanning themselves, here we are also splurging on whitening products. We always want what we can’t have, you know. We’re not contented with what God gave us. And have you noticed that whether a woman is half-Chinese, half-Japanese, half-Italian, or half-American, they’re always beautiful to the Filipinos as long as they are fair-skinned? Because Philippines is a tropical country, and has a cruel sun above it, fair skinned people there are regarded as very attractive because they give the impression that they are wealthy, pampered, and not made to work under the sun. Whether they admit it or not, Filipinos automatically get attracted to fair-skinned women, sometimes regardless of their facial features. “Basta maputi, pwede na yan!”

Most guys I know often crushes on fair-skinned pretty girls. My current boyfriend said that I got his attention because of my fair complexion. And most fair-skinned girls (who are also blessed with facial beauty) claim to be headturners and get more male attention that the pretty morenas. It seems like everywhere you go, as long as you’re here in the Philippines, you’ll get more male stares when you have a porcelain skin especially when your white legs are also exposed. Yes, for a lot of Pinoys, “fair-skinned Pinays = beautiful” is a fact. White girls look cleaner than the sunkissed ones. And cleanliness is a big factor when guys check out on girls. Having white skin makes it easier for them to reflect the sunlight, making them look radiant and blooming. The radiance of their skin is a bit blinding to guys. When you’re a Filipina, having fair skin would automatically add 100 ganda points.

Yes I know it’s very unfair, when most Filipinas are born with natural tan. Would you just agree that all fair-skinned Pinays are automatically beautiful? Of course not. True beauty is seen in the balanced facial features and mesmerizing smiles. It is manifested through a girl’s elegance and confidence. It is through her magnetic aura and headturning presence. Whether you’re a mestiza or a morena, it doesn’t really matter. A beautiful woman is beautiful, regardless of her race or skin color. 

Girly Things to do when Bored

Having a long summer vacation? Not getting enough attention from your boyfriend? All your friends are busy enough to hang out with? Alone in your house or room? Have so much time for being idle and thinking negative thoughts – or simply bored out of your wits? Girls, there are lots of things that you can do to beat boredom:

Clean the house or do your laundry.

Try practicing being a good housewife even though having a married life is still ten years away. Cleaning your house is a good and productive way of losing calories. And it’s a girl’s duty to be clean, right? It is also important to do your laundry, especially your pretty underwear, so you won’t have any shortage of panties. It’s important to always have a clean stack of underwear. Before anything else, we must be very hygienic as females.

Eat, or search for anything to cook.

We can eat for nourishment or for added enjoyment especially when watching movies or educational documentaries. Or, if you want to get busier, you can learn to cook more complicated food for you or for others to eat. It’s always an advantage for a girl if she knows how to cook. While keeping yourself busy, it’s also making you practice your “housewife skill” or simply a skill for survival. We have to know how to cook for ourselves. We can’t let ourselves go hungry.

Release your creative juices.

If you really, really, don’t know what to do in times of idleness, you can exercise your brain and try to squeeze if it still has creative juices. Try drawing or painting. Appreciate the arts and the beauty of your surroundings. Try making paintings that you can hang on your own house. Write stories, poems, essays, or blog posts. Release your creativity and you might as well add more beauty to the world while having nothing else to do.

Read books.

Oh, my favorite hobby! This is not something only snobby people do. Reading is encouraged since we were in the first grade, because for what else did we learn the alphabet and how to read? If you have nothing else to do, or no one else is around to talk to you, picking up a book and reading it without prejudice can make you smarter, expand your vocabulary, broaden your point of view about anything, make you aware of the reality in the world, expose you to different cultures, and help you understand people better. I tell you, this is so much better than watching television. Books (especially the good ones) can give you so much wisdom that you may need in your life.

Watch whatever.

Well it’s entirely up to you, but I don’t recommend television shows. You can watch movies if they’re beneficial to you like movies of the Disney princesses that could bring up childhood nostalgia and deep lessons hidden in innocent fairy tales, or detective movies that could make you think. You can also download BBC documentaries online that could satisfy your curiosity about anything and give you information that you couldn’t get inside a four-walled classroom. You can watch historical movies, or shallow chick flicks that could just satisfy your desire to watch them. It’s up to you.


Having lots of time with nothing to do is actually a good time for your body! Taking a bath is a necessity, and you could have it twice or thrice a day if you like. You can scrub your body, get soaked in the suds of a whitening soap, or sing with all your might inside a bathroom. You can put honey masks on your face, trim or color your lovely nails, take care of your battered feet, apply lots of whatever on your hair, or even experiment with makeup. Having weeks or months of free time is actually good for pampering yourself, so you could prepare your beauty the next time you go out.


If you really, really, really have nothing else to do and you don’t wanna do anything I have written above, then just sleep. By being unconscious, you could avoid adding things to your angel’s list of your bad deeds. You could avoid pestering your boyfriend when he’s busy. Sleep actually has lots of benefits, especially on beauty. It repairs your cells and everything. By dreaming, your brain balances itself from the stress the life gives you. If you had only a few hours of sleep during the night, then get more sleep – even if it’s already morning or afternoon. By the time you wake up, much time has already passed. :)

How to Look Fresh and Blooming

Hey, lovelies! Automatically I assume that the readers are mostly females, and if you’re looking for beauty tips that won’t betray you, then just read on.

These tips are gotten from Girltalk, a forum by, and I just made a post about it because reading from a long thread of posts can be tiring. Here is the link if you want to go to the said forum thread.

Start from the inside.

Trying to beautify the external part of yourselves will be worthless if you’re very malnourished and have lots of junk inside your body. Take vitamins C and E to look healthy and glowing. Drink lots of water to flush out the toxins in your body and to keep your skin hydrated. If you drink the enough amount of water daily, you’d probably not need moisturizers anymore. Then, get lots of sleep and stay away from anything that gives you stress. Anyone who seems stressed look ten years older, right? A girl who slept well and is free of worries gives off a happy and charming vibe. Eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. It’s easier to get nutrients straight from these foods – and if possible, stay away from junk food and fast-food diets. Then, exercise and get sweaty! It’s healthy to always free ourselves from wastes by doing these and not only rely on our urine and stools.

Put on very light makeup.

We only have to keep it simple because less is more. You will look fresher if your makeup is lighter and simpler; heavy makeup can make you look years older and kind of fake. You can invest on a BB cream because it really won’t betray you – it will make your face look moisturized and smoother while keeping it natural. Only wear lip tint or lip gloss on simple occasions because lipsticks are a bit intense and are only worn by mature adults. Especially avoid the color red, for it will make you appear intimidating. Go for pinks, nudes, and corals for a young and fresh look. You may also put on a light blush or cheek tint to appear healthy and blooming. And don’t forget a soft talcum powder like Johnson’s Baby Powder to control the oiliness and look clean. Looking clean is very important for girls.

Dress to look fresh.

Wear clean and ironed clothes. You may opt or florals, pastels, and shorts. Choose comfortable clothes that fit you well. The clothes may be as simple as possible, to avoid it from overpowering your facial beauty.

Smell like a flower.

Girls don’t only have to look fresh, but smell fresh too. If you’re seeking to please their senses, then don’t target only their eyesight. We have to smell good too. We all know how they all get turned off by smelly women.

Keep yourself very clean.

Always get the dirt off your nails and trim them once a week. While nail art is attractive, we have to also let our nails breathe. The natural pinkish shade of our nails is pretty too, right? Also, the eyebrows are very important. Keep them looking polished and clean. However, do not overpluck them because then you’d look older. That’s not our goal here. :) You may also take a bath atleast twice a day. Have a body scrub once a week. Also, that regular peel gives our skin that attractive glow. Whitening soaps actually just make me look cleaner and more radiant, and not as pale as those who take in glutathione.

Keep a lovely crowning glory.

Get a good haircut that flatters your face. This is very important as our hair shapes our faces also. Keep it washed and conditioned, and love your natural straightness or curls. You may also dye your hair with natural-looking brown, for that shade makes you look younger. Black is gloomier than brown. However, consider your skin and facial features also. Make sure you won’t ever regret dyeing your crowning glory.

Keep a positive attitude!

It is important for girls to smile always, for it makes them look attractive and more approachable. Have a good posture, and look confident. It’s hard to have a good first impression on a slouchy and grouchy girl. Like what I said on the first tip, everything starts from the inside. If we're insecure, sad, and angry inside, it will definitely show through our gloomy and dark countenance. No one wants to be with someone who's been affected by negativity herself. We have to be really happy within because only genuine happiness can have an impact on others. You’re beautiful, and you certainly know it. Spread good vibes to the world!

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