Strawberry Dreams

I couldn’t really remember the whole plot of my dream last night, but I remember asking ABNU (my high school friends) to eat with me but they lied that they have already eaten so as to avoid keeping me company. It seemed like no one wanted to help or accompany me in times of adversity. I was already hungry at that time.

Then, from afar, I saw a place (it looked like an island) full of strawberries or made up of strawberries. I was filled with awe, and I wanted to go there. It was a paradise with pinkish sweet fruits – and it looked like a big strawberry floating on water when seen from a distance.

Suddenly, a big ball made of lots of eggs dropped from the sky and collided with the big strawberry island. I remember feeling really surprised as the strawberries weren’t spoiled afterward; instead it turned into a peachy color and lots of small strawberries started to float into the sky. The sight was really wonderful.

To know what those two delicious symbols connote, I consulted a dream dictionary:

BERRIES (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.)
Dreaming of ripe, juicy berries is a good omen, representing good luck, pleasant surprises, abundance, prosperity and new beginnings.

Eggs in dreams are good symbols, representing renewal and wholeness.

If those two symbols collided and mixed with each other, what could that mean? Hmm. I wonder what’s in store for me in the next few days. :)



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