Psychic Readings for Me

Here is a collection of free psychic readings that I had online. Recently psychic stuff had been occupying my mind most of the time. I ask questions with the motive of knowing more about myself.

From PsychicSource:

Dear Anthea Cabrestante,
On 5/8/2014 you requested an email reading...
The question was:
How is my sex appeal to others? Basically, how do others perceive me?

Please enjoy this answer from Psychic Source:
Hi. Thank you for the great question. I see an aura around you. Very strong appeal to others. I see your hair is very specific and you have a great head of hair. People, especially the guys find you very attractive. I feel you have a very sultry look to you. Intense eyes. This makes you stand out in a crowd. I see in the cards that you have no problems in attracting love but you get insecure although you try not to show it. My cards see you can make people laugh which is a big part of how people see you. They love that you are yourself. This is part of your appeal. My cards say if you can overcome some shyness you can do anything you set your mind to. I see the love card here so I feel there is a special someone you have been thinking of a lot lately. The cards see you with a special someone soon.

April (ext. 8127)
Psychic Source

From Lawrence (a photo reading):

Hi Anthea

Your question is not silly,

I checked you out, you have a  great sensual look, I’m sure you get hit on all the time :)
You should try things related to acting, modeling.
I see musician type of boyfriend around you in the future.
Let me know if I helped :)


PS. If I was your age I would be wanting to be with you  lol.

From AllExperts:

Your Question was:

Hi I am Anthea, I am a female, and my birthdate is 10/17/1995. I just wonder, why do I make many enemies? Was I a bad person in my past life? I just sometimes feel unaccepted by the society and backstabbed most of the time.

Following is the reason:

Hi Maria,

Everyone was "good" and "bad" in past lives. This time you are meant to deal with more battles. However, what matters most is how you react to people. You can diffuse anger, envy, and other negative emotions from others by accepting people as they are, refusing to engage in a negative ping pong rally, and sending them love in your mind. I know that last one sounds odd, to send enemies love, but you're not doing for them, it's for you. 

Expert: Stephen Petullo


From Lawrence (a photo reading):

Your aura is bluish red. Blue is creative energy; red is full of energy – once you start a project, it’s going at its full tilt.
You would do well as a creative writer of any kind for sure. Try automatic writing – just write whatever comes to you.
You would do well as a poet songwriter also :)
You're on the right path of writing for sure, I saw that in your eyes.


From Lawrence (a photo reading):

Hi hi hi,

I checked you out again, I know you well now. :) Yes you have a strong personality, but it’s good. I think the right person will love your personality. If someone fears your personality, then it’s the wrong person for you. Anyway, you have a soft side to the right person. Most men would love to get intimate with you, but I see you’re not easy – which is good. Some women are jealous of you also.

You’re lucky to be who you are. I see nothing negative at all.

P.S. Men want to get close to you for sex, period - and will give you a lot of "I like you a lot". But you’re picky so I’m not worried, lol. You shouldn’t worry about what women think of you, as long as you think of yourself as beautiful and together. That’s the best I can give you. :)


You're not weak at all, are you kidding? :) You have a powerful mind - you should know that anyway. Maybe it's good you hear it from a psychic. :)
What other people think of you is not your business. It's what you think of yourself that counts. Write that sentence down and keep it as a reminder.


People will always badmouth others especially when they're young like you, others are immature and they get off on it if it affects you, if they see it affects you they will continue with it. How Many friends do you need?
Be a friend to yourself, and only hang out with people who are positive about you. You don't need a crowd to see what people think of you. Trust your instincts, ignored comments and gossips. Many people have been depressed on what other people say, but they're only words.

Believe in yourself. I do. :)



You should just be a famous actress in America. :)


[question about my career]

My vibes for you is to study forensic, things related to solving problems - studying criminal justice etc studying how DNA works etc. It's like being a detective behind the scenes for the police, or government.
If you weren't so shy the other half of you might want to be a adult film star - which is not a great career lol.
Your soul is sensual and giving, but can be real jealous at times. When you love someone you can hate them the next day for whatever reason.
Focus more on career stuff.

[question about my boyfriend]

I'm sorry about your breakup, didn't feel you had the right person in your life for long term,
i still feel a musician type of boyfriend in the future for you.
You still might get together with your current boyfriend  but dont feel its a long term gig
You're young and have a whole lot of living to do  and with the right person down the road.



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