Oh My Pretty Pretty Girl

You know that I wasn’t a beauty from the cradle. Or maybe I was, judging from the old photographs of this neglected babe. You probably also know how unattractive I was when I was younger, when I was going through the awkward phase of my adolescence. No, I didn’t really believe that I was ugly; I was just more of a Plain Jane who was furthermore not regarded by men as someone who needs to be given their full respect and admiration. I was however filled with discontentment for many years because I wouldn’t settle in being mediocre – I am in fact an ambitious woman who’d rather look as gorgeous as Britney Spears than anything else.

After I graduated from high school (age 16), my parents forced me out of my shell my letting me study in the University of the Philippines all by myself. I was separated from my family and friends by a vast body of water and from then on I was left to take care of myself. Bit by bit, the curse of the awkward phase abandoned me, and the Southern belle that I was destined to be started to show. I was beginning to be pleased at the mirror’s reflection – but since no one dared to say that I was pretty, I was still left hoping and ashamed of myself. All I wanted from them was a little appreciation, a little love that more than obviously proves that they accept me for who I am, and a little admiration that would at least make me think that I am above others. But alas, I was deprived of them; so I felt very alone in the world with my little self-worth.

I did not enjoy the joys of beauty during adolescence because I lacked it. But two years after I left these people who did not treat me well because I was unattractive, that’s when I had this great transformation which also transformed their treatment and opinion of me. Of course I also learned some hard lessons in life, so I changed from the inside too. At eighteen, even the mirror couldn’t deny that I’m drastically changing into a woman. Yes, think about the little Shirley Temple turn into Marilyn Monroe. As I went into a four-month vacation in my hometown, I had some amusing experiences that confirmed that I am indeed pretty. Yes, every girl needs that compliment, as Marilyn said:

“All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren’t” – Marilyn Monroe

But out of the blue, I could already turn heads – from old men to boys, from school boys to working grownups. Yes, I turn heads from everywhere I go but I don’t just get glanced at – I get stared for a long time. Lads sometimes already try to befriend me and court me later on even if we’ve only met for the first time. What’s flattering is that what happens often is I get liked and courted by the handsomest lad in the room whom my fellow girls all crush on. Wherever I go, men try to get near or talk to me. I just catch their eye easily. Even guys riding a motorcycle with their girlfriends at their backs still stare at me when I’m on the street. My friends don’t like being with me because of the male attention I always get everywhere I go. I also get special favors like free transportation fares because of my looks. Even my current boyfriend confessed that he couldn’t stop staring since he first laid his eyes on me, for the beautiful sight was so addicting. What’s more flattering is that I don’t intimidate or repel them – they almost always talk to me right away.

Back then, no one would ever consider me pretty or beautiful. Perhaps they’d say that I’m cute just to be polite. While people back then won’t even recognize that I have beauty too, now I always get complimented on how beautiful I am, that I am the prettiest among my friends, and how they hate standing or sitting beside me. You see, it was a giant leap that I took. Because of my experiences in college, I learned that good looks and a strong sex appeal can be used to your advantage. I easily get away from the mistakes I do. People readily laugh at me at something funny I do. People listen intently to me when I talk especially in front of the class. They don’t take my presence for granted. Obviously, life is easier and lighter. I also have no problems regarding mate selection, for men seem to be always ready to kiss my feet. The only side effect that I see is the jealousy of other people around you who may not want to appreciate the beauty that you bring into the world. And although I am satisfied by my improvement, I have realized two things - beauty certainly is be a tool for manipulation, but it's not the thing that would really give a woman complete happiness.


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