A Courtesan or a Prostitute?

In my dream, I found myself talking happily with my ex-twin (which seems highly impossible) for we have already reconciled with each other. We gossiped the way we used to like nothing happened – like no betrayal ever happened – and we went to lie on her bed like we always used to. She is the kind of girl who is much grounded, and treats her bed as her nest which can never be left no matter what. The style of the room was like that of a dorm, and there were also other girls who resided in the same room as us. We were blabbing all the way, laughing, when our happiness was suddenly interrupted by some kind of a soldier who gets orders from a high authority, probably from a royalty. I was forced to get out of the room to be placed inside another room, and I sensed that something wasn’t right in a sexual way. I was terrified.

            I tried to run away and get back to the room where my ex-twin was, and found her being ordered by a soldier to take off her panties and wear the new ones bought for her. I was stunned, and I suddenly knew that the same thing would be done to me. The harsh soldier whom I tried to get away from finally found me, and threw me harshly into the room assigned for me. I was alone there. The soldier threw a bag of clothes and ordered me to take off the ones that I currently wore and when he gets back I must be wearing those clothes already. I was really, really terrified but no tear ever fell down on my cheeks. I was feeling hopeless for the fresh jewel that I was saving only for my future husband; thus, guilt engulfed my whole being. I wore those clothes and was surprised of what I saw in the mirror. I was wearing a dark-colored bra and panty and a transparent but silky kimono which barely covered by body. I saw a sexy figure in the mirror: beautiful big breasts, a small waist, and wide hips. I even touched my breasts to confirm the illusion shown in my reflection.

            The sight was so lovely and luxurious for me to consider myself a prostitute, although I knew deep in my heart that I was already made a prostitute in my dream. I thought that maybe I was a courtesan, but there were no kings, dukes, nor princes around – only me. Suddenly, the door was opened by a man who wore royal clothes. I froze. He must be on his early twenties, but I didn’t recognize him at all. He said that he had permission to have sex with me. I told him many excuses to delay his attack, but he wouldn’t budge. He hugged me and felt my breasts. He was too strong so I couldn’t fight back. He started kissing my neck passionately, and I surprisingly felt that it was good. I let him kiss me. It lasted fairly long time and I liked it. However, I was still cautious of what’s going on outside and I still wasn’t ready to give up my virginity. As he was getting ready to penetrate me, I suddenly woke up.


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