Lilith and Eve: the Two Female Archetypes

You may probably have already heard the story about Lilith. Lilith was rumored to be the first wife of Adam who represented back then the “feminism” which we have now. Ancient compilers of the books for our Holy Bible have rejected some great and important books which they deem to be heretic, so it’s no surprise that we know very little especially about the events that happened before the birth of Christ. Being a woman, the conflict between Lilith and Eve is what intrigues me.

When God first created man, he was not alone. He created the first man and woman simultaneously. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female created he them.” (Genesis 1:27) As Lilith and Adam were made at the same time, the woman who was proud and stubborn had no reason to believe that he must subordinate to him. It was said that they used to make love often; and one time when Adam ordered Lilith to lie beneath him, she declined and fled away from Adam, and refused to come back despite the threats of the three angels sent to look for her. On the second chapter of Genesis, we can just read without any preceding explanation this: “And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; and the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.” (Genesis 2:21-22) Since Lilith was gone, God made a second wife for Adam and He made sure that she will not rebel against him again by purposely making her from his rib to suggest women subordination. And because Adam had already replaced Lilith with another woman, she was outraged and devoted all her life to see the fall of Eve and her descendants. As the Bible did not mention who the serpent in the forbidden tree was, and if it was Satan surely the Book would not be ashamed to say it, Lilith was rumored to be the serpent that tempted Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. This enmity between Lilith and Eve was proved by this verse in the third chapter of the book of Genesis: “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his heel.” (Genesis 3:15) Lilith was believed to be a demon who kills little babies (sudden infant death syndrome) and makes men have wet dreams and gets her children from their sperm.

Lilith and Eve represent the two female archetypes.  Lilith is the feminist one and Eve is the feminine one. Lilith was a radical feminist who insisted on equality between the two sexes. She was rebellious, stubborn, and selfish. She was an independent woman who doesn’t need men in order to live. But what does her rage for Eve suggest? Lilith was also portrayed as a seductress, a femme fatale. The world today is inhabited by lots of Lilith, as all forms of women subordination are already frowned upon. Meanwhile, Eve is labeled today as the old-fashioned feminine woman, as she stayed true to a woman’s duty to be a helpmeet for man. It is a popular belief especially during the ancient times that the kind of woman that will make a good wife is like Eve: beautiful, modest, and gentle. Eve stays true to the true meaning of womanhood: being a devoted wife to one man and bearing his descendants. In the modern world, Lilith wears a miniskirt, a sexy top with her cleavage exposed, heels and makeup. She doesn’t care about what they think of her – she just does whatever she likes. She sleeps with many different men to satisfy her carnal lust. Eve meanwhile is a natural beauty, wearing simple clothes – probably a flowing skirt which likens her to a pretty flower in her garden. She wears little or no makeup, with her long hair flowing down to her bellybutton. She lightens the mood with her loving smile and does little to make men woo her. She is gentle, kind, and probably a bit shy too. Eve, the true jewel of God’s earth, has left very few descendants in this generation.

Perhaps what the Bible means about the “enmity” between the serpent (Lilith) and Eve’s seeds is the constant tormenting of demons to humans, but there is also enmity that exists between the two female archetypes. Lilith types are not wife-material. They may be attracting lots of men during their youth but what they really want for a lifetime mate is a chaste and beautiful woman whom they may trust. Lilith is naturally jealous of Eves for being effortlessly lovely. Until today, feminists condemn women whom they think are “subordinating” themselves to men. Eve cannot help being a woman. She is the yin while Adam is yang, and it is natural to let him overpower her. They are equals in an opposite and complementary way, and Lilith cannot understand that. Two bees cannot do anything together; one must be a flower and one must be a bee to produce a fruit. 

Feminine Beauty

From the moment baby girls are born, what do parents usually wish for them? Probably, “I hope this baby turns out to be a very beautiful maiden who will attract suitors like a magnet.” Because the baby is a girl, we can only hope for her to be beautiful so she can be someone to be proud of. Beauty is a powerful weapon of women; and it explains why they spend so much time and money on beauty products and plastic surgeries. And the bad thing is that girls measure their worth through their beauty. Beauty is a rare thing – we must admit – for not all of us could pick our parents before we would get born. It is only gotten through luck and chance, so measuring a woman’s worth through her beauty is a folly. However, we really can’t help it. Pretty girls are obviously more favored and even a talented and capable woman can’t be noticed for all her capabilities if she lacks it.

Eve was made to be admired, showing off the immense beauty that Adam himself lacked. Surely he was perfectly made, being the first human being molded by the hands of God; but for all his strength and might, the grace, softness, and beauty that he lacked was given to the woman. Traditionally, or maybe up until now, it is a shame for a woman if she is not beautiful or if she doesn’t live up to the society’s standards of feminine beauty. It is her duty to beautify – to always comb her hair, keep herself clean, maintain her flowery scent, keep her skin free from scars and blemishes, or even to put on makeup. A plain woman suffers more from low self-esteem than a plain man because a woman without beauty and/or charm feels as if she is not fulfilling her duty as a woman. A woman without beauty does not feel like she is powerful enough as the one who has it. As mentioned earlier, beauty is a powerful weapon of women which can get them almost every single thing that they desire.

The main thing which women benefit from their beauty is the admiration and attention received from the males. Primarily, girls are expected to be beautiful maidens for them to be picked out by quality men to mate or make them their wives. Girls always hate each other because of their jealousy and insecurities. If a girl does not feel pretty enough because some other girl gets more male attention than her, she starts to hate. Beauty is a big factor when insecure girls start comparing themselves to each other. Let’s admit it: we all want to be the prettiest girl in the bunch. When a prettier girl comes along, we start to get outraged deep inside. Beauty is not always a good thing, for a woman so blessed by nature is always detested by other women. She is that threatening that’s why she gets a lot of backstabs, sarcastic remarks, and the like. Insecure girls almost always do anything to keep out that threatening pretty girl out of their sight or group of friends. But pretty girls need not worry, for it’s just their way of showing their inferiority.

Girls exist to represent the softer and lovelier side of life, and make their male counterparts at ease in their bosoms. They are the flowers in the meadows, the lulling nights, the soft clouds, the sweetness of the fruits, and the aroma of blossoms. It is effortless for some feminine beauties to embody loveliness. Oftentimes, females who grow jealous and bitter feel that they’ve got no competition. Oftentimes, they are toxic friends who degrade you with sarcastic remarks to make you feel lower than them. I just saw this posted remark coming from an old gentleman, which I also find to be true: Do not befriend ugly people. They are born with angst with the world. Girls are all about beauty, consciously or unconsciously. They constantly fight with each other manipulatively. 
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