Woman in White

When my eager feet took their first steps into the banquet hall, my heart at once recognized the woman of my dreams. She was clad in a flowing white dress and a white ribboned hat which defied the grandeur of the night. She was a girl I had never once before caught sight of nor heard about, but something about that sweet creature makes me want to take possession of her whole being; yet at the same time, I reckon that she’s too sacred to even be desired by a mere mortal like me. Nature has bestowed her such exquisite beauty that even the angels in heaven are jealous of. Her fineness and delicateness of form had dazzled my eyes, but it was her childlike simplicity that had captured my heart. She wasn’t behaving like a Southern belle, but like an eight-year-old precious darling.

            I spent many hours longingly gazing at her from yonder. She was such a lovely and unique human being that I believe my eyes were already fixed at the addicting sight. The visual pleasure of looking at her was very incomprehensible that it was really hard to even look away for a second. Her presence delights my soul that my desire of talking to her gets stronger every minute. Good thing that the pretty lass was not aware of it, or she would have thought of me as a creepy chap. Something unseen draws me to her; it’s as if she’s got something inside of her handsome shell that’s very hard to miss – something very intriguing, a very different kind of beauty that is so hard to define.

            It did not take me long to fathom that she wasn’t an ordinary mortal. Without doing or even realizing what was really happening, especially to my dear heart, she already took hold of my entire being. She seemed to have Cupid by her side always, always striking every man’s heart with his divine arrow without her even noticing it. She appeared to be so favored by the gods that it seemed like Zeus was always protecting her from the dangers of the outside world; Aphrodite was always sprinkling her eternal youth and beauty; and Apollo made her his favorite apprentice in music, enchanting the whole world with her tinkling laughter and charming singing voice. Her power over mortals like me was very intense; but she had such a cherubic smile that hides treachery and true strength. Her presence made me question her real origin, wondering whether she was an heiress of an aristocratic family or a princess from the fairy tales, a reincarnated goddess, or just a beautiful accident of nature.

            As much as her presence enchants my senses and pleases my heart, it also baffled me that I thought I was already going crazy. I wanted so much to get near her so I could touch her porcelain skin, hold the pretty petite being in my arms, and kiss her sensual lips – but something powerfully holds me back. I cannot understand the intense attraction and repulsion that she gives of; for even though I am a tall and masculine man, I feel very little in her presence. She made me question if I am good enough to even be talking to her. She made me have doubts in my ability in obtaining ladies – she certainly wasn’t one to make her take off her panties. She was someone to be adored and put on a pedestal. Her charming, sensual, and lovely silence seemed to command all souls to get on their knees as if she was Aphrodite herself. Still, her vulnerability made me want to possess her so bad and protect and love her for the rest of my life. 
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