The Ugly Duckling Phase

I am not so certain whether all of us go through this horrible stage in our lives (normally during puberty or adolescence), because there are people who are accidentally blessed by nature to be born beauties and remain just like that throughout their lives, while some find themselves to be ugly ducklings – despised by the society for their weird looks, having their hearts wounded by people who tell them that they’re ugly, and suffering from very low self-esteem – only to find out later on that they’ve grown up to be very beautiful swans.

I was a cute toddler back then, and I felt that I was the prettiest when I was 8, for several of my male classmates made their interest known. When I turned 9, I felt like someone put a nasty spell on me because it was the start of my ugly phase. I found myself the ugliest when I was in sixth grade (12 years old) wherein a lot of breakouts surrounded my whole oily face, the fats in my body probably didn’t know their right places, my hair was always tied in a low ponytail, and my skin was awfully dark. It lasted until I was 16, which explains why I haven’t lived my high school life to the fullest. My ugly phase lasted for eight years, which is undeniably a very long time.

It was very hard to live during those years. I personally think that I was reincarnated to search for my soul mate, which proves why I first got infatuated at the early age of four. Having been a Plain Jane, or rather, genuinely hideous, it was hard to be not taken seriously by guys and occasionally get rejected. It lowered my already low self-esteem. It was hard to live with other adolescents, who were rather very superficial and egoistic. No one really cared about this ugly little lady.

But look at just how my beloved Britney Spears grew up to be a very pretty lady:

Right now, I just feel happy that I finally get complimented that I am pretty. It feels like an achievement for an ugly girl like me. It feels delightful that even strangers say how pretty you are. My relatives often exclaim about how pretty I’ve become, how I look like a movie star, and that they think I presently have many suitors laying their hearts on my feet. Well, I have finally gained handsome suitors – but I can’t say that my love life has gotten very good. No. The fact that I have finally gotten out of the ugly phase and seen its results gives me an ego boost, but my heart can't escape from being terribly tattered.

Some people say that young people who are naturally handsome at very early ages tend to have their beauty fade quickly, some people who look pretty normal and don’t undergo the ugly phase don’t have much improvement, while ugly ducklings take their time to be ugly and will just surprise you one day when they suddenly turn incredibly gorgeous that you’ll regret you’ve bullied them years ago. Lots of celebrities were ugly ducklings once, like Taylor Swift and Audrey Hepburn. Just imagine how exquisitely beautiful they have become!

Some of us may have experienced those times wherein just looking at the mirror is a complete visual torture, and we avoid looking at mirrors so as to avoid hating ourselves too. I know that going through the ugly phase is definitely embarrassing and awkward, but wait until you reach the peak of manhood or womanhood. Our bodies and faces are naturally changing over time, and although these changes aren’t really pretty to look at, the real you will finally show years later. We just have to trust Father Time to take care of all these things. If you are currently going through this, just accept the fact that you are still very young and you still have lots of time in your hands. Just focus on improving your mind, body, and character, and let time expose your real beauty when it’s already the right time for you to blossom. 

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