Daughter of Venus

When I first laid my eyes upon this lovely maiden, I instantly realized how the world possesses so much mystery. Like a child unexposed to the real cruelty of the world, she was toddling with her simple clothes of cotton on while indulging her eyes with the serene sights of lofty trees, cows eating grass, goats wandering about, and a lush rice field. I could not have noticed her as any ordinary person passing by, but my heart at once recognized one goddess in disguise. 

I was tempted to touch her long locks with lots of hazel curls. She had a frail and delicate frame which made me want to hug her. I wanted to touch that pretty face with an entrancing childlike smile and chubby cheeks like that of adorable cherubs. She had small rose-red lips that you’d like to kiss or see laughing. She’s got pretty expressive eyes that hints what a sensitive soul she is, as if an ounce of harshness could already draw tears from her. She’s a rare precious jewel that I wanted to keep for myself forever. 

I knew that she was more than the sum of her parts, but every little thing that made her up was already bewitching by itself. She also had an amazing glow when the sun kisses her, as if the gods had told the sun and the wind to go easy on their precious girl. Every creature, whether male or female, had to stare on this well-sculpted beauty. Her origins were a mystery to every mind, because she seemed like one of the daughters of Aphrodite whom she scattered all over the Earth to compensate for the monstrous elements which had escaped Pandora’s box. 

To some people, she seemed like a fancy doll brought into life. She looked like a true descendant of Eve, capable of causing a man’s downfall behind those trusting eyes. It’s as if she had gulped some kind of a “water of life,” because her unfathomable existence embodies beauty and youth. There could be no perfect example of those two words combined into one. She was one of nature’s mysteries best left a mystery.
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