Bathtub Caress

            I was facebooking and someone very special messaged me. He apologized for ignoring me because he had to focus on his studies. It was a very lame excuse, I thought; nevertheless, it felt good that he apologized. I don’t demand anything from men anyway – it’s just the communication that’s very essential to me. Not having talked to me for quite a long time, even sending me a short and insignificant piece of note already pleased my gloomy heart.

            Then all of a sudden, I found myself in a very complex apartment. It had no uniform design – in one corner the walls were made of gold, and in another corner the walls were made of glass. It also had myriad stairways, elevators, and escalators. The physical appearance of the place is somehow vague in my mind, but I remember clearly that my purpose there was to search for the guy whom I was talking about earlier. I could hear his voice ordering me to find him but I couldn’t tell in what direction his voice came from. I tried using all of the stairways, escalators, and elevators that I could see; I have met many strangers but he isn’t one of them. I don’t know how I came to know that some people I’ve met there were talking about him, and that some of them know him personally. I also felt in my heart that he was near, and that he was waiting for me to come like a damsel in distress waiting for her prince charming. I also couldn’t believe how gender roles have switched in such a very short time. 

            I tried asking people where he was. I went wherever they pointed their fingers but they kept on pointing the wrong directions. However, I couldn’t hear the mysterious voice anymore. I was only pretending that someone was still trying to encourage me to go on and find him. I hunted and hunted for the fucking boy, until I decided to start at the bottommost part of the building. And – hooray! I found him there, standing, like a damned soul burning in a pit of hell. He wasn’t very excited to see me, and we just actually exchanged casual hi’s. What a great way to greet someone you haven’t seen for a long time! It felt like I’ve perspired for nothing. 

            Then suddenly, I found myself inside a bathtub, greedily holding his godlike body. We talked about the feelings we had which we weren’t able to say when we first met. We held each other like we’d never again let go. We were both naked and covered with soap suds. I felt like Cleopatra embracing my Mark Antony. It was really blissful: getting to touch every skin cell of his bronze physique and having him touch me back with his gentle fingers. Sometimes he was kissing my neck; other times I was pecking on his handsome face. I remember seeing clearly his strong neck while he was muttering in pleasure. I remember telling my diary a year ago that the attraction between us was so intense even though we just started to know each other, but little did I know that it was this kind of attraction. 

            Being chaste but curious, I took the opportunity to take a look at his holy sword. I looked down on his groin and cleared the soap suds and – voila! It wasn’t the size of a pinkie – it was one-third of my pinkie! Oh my goodness. But yes, it was cute, like that of a baby. Clearly I was disappointed, so I woke up with a grumpy expression. I was late for my eight-thirty class.


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