Marimar and Maria

My true self is Marimar. Most people here, especially my friends, call me Marimar, although my name is Anthea. Marimar is a happy girl who loves to be surrounded by people and have their attention. Some of her friends say that her presence is just for entertainment purposes. Sometimes, people do not take her seriously. She hates being bored; and when boredom strikes, she is prone to getting her friends’ attention, probably just to play with, even if they’re tired or busy. She also loves going outdoors especially in the afternoons when the sun still shines but its heat is still mild, and the wind blows through her face and curly hair. She loves to hug her friends, especially her roommates. She is very feminine, and is not afraid to show it. She is also labeled as being a “baby” by her boarding housemates. She is very romantic and innocent when it comes to the matters of the heart. Marimar does not have evil thoughts. She voices out everything, even the shallowest of her thoughts. She loves chitchatting. She is an optimistic and confident girl, because she believes that she is as pretty as the goddesses of Mount Olympus. She is a natural flirt, but is very far from being a prostitute. The most exact definition of her is a typical innocent teenage girl. Imagine Britney Spears when she was still on her teens, or during her “Baby one more time” and “Oops I did it again” days.

However, Maria, my alter ego, is different. She just suddenly takes over my being usually under negative circumstances. She is very, and unusually, silent. She also walks slowly and silently. She does not wear a smile on her face – or if she does, it is usually forced. Maria is very sad, miserable, and angry. She does not like to socialize. She just does things on her own, and hates to be disturbed. She doesn’t look others in the eye; but if she does, or if she has to, people would see the fieriness in her eyes. Her aloofness and coldness does not indicate calmness – in fact it is quite the opposite. Maria’s soul is in red-hot flames of inferno. This negative calmness felt in Maria’s aura is just a wall built between her and others to prevent any chaos. Marimar’s passion is still owned by Maria, but is turned into a negative one. Usually, Maria comes up when I am provoked. Marimar is really patient and tolerant, and may also disregard the negative intentions of people, so the degree of fury has to be very high for Maria to come up. Maria usually hurts people through words alone; but when it is not enough, she resorts to violence. She is very impulsive and brutally honest. She has a tendency to get knives but her glare alone is murderous. Maria forgets all the happy memories she had with the people who hurt her and is hungry for vengeance right away. However, after Maria has released her rage, he immediately returns back to Maria and usually forgets anything that has happened. 



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