The Joys of Youth

Youth(n) – the period of human life between childhood and maturity

Some people want to go back to their carefree childhood while some people want to grow up quickly to be powerful adults. While childhood is a happy life period wherein our innocence makes us blissful with our simple pleasures in life and adulthood gives us a sense of satisfaction after we finally finished schooling and attaining our dreams, although a very critical period, the best time of our lives is our teenage years.

In our youth, we can have the best of both worlds. We still have our childish, carefree, (sort of) innocent, happy, silly, and impulsive streaks from our childhood; but we already have advanced knowledge, developed (and beautified) bodies, more physical strength, leveled-up skills, and more feminine and masculine appearances brought to us by our inevitable development and maturity. It is the time where we strive to be the person we have always dreamed of. It is the time when our characters are developed by different trials and unexpected adventures. It is the time when we are allowed to become what we want to become, and pursue the path that we want to pursue. It is a period full of experiments, wisdom learned the hard way, infatuation and heartbreaks, and rainbows after storms.

In our youth, we can just happily trot around and never care for anything in the world. I am often absent-minded and I am glad of that flaw. Those moments of absentmindedness pave the way for my precious reveries that are soon forgotten. Even those fleeting things are a blessing, for they provide seconds of happiness and give no place to wrathful and jealous thoughts even for a short time. Taking long and quiet walks to familiar destinations is enjoyable in our youthful days, like just going to a plain cafeteria. With our remains of innocence, sense of awe and a bit of spirituality, nature still succeeds in bringing peace to our hearts. The sense of security brought by the lofty trees, the pleasures to the eyes brought by delicately tinted flowers, and the amusement given by the innocent and simple-minded animals – all of these contribute to our delight whenever we feel younger than ever. As youth, we still know how to have pleasant times despite hectic schedules, pressures of schooling, personal tragedies, and our little annoyances. We can just frolic around, go to any places unplanned, talk about silly things, guffaw and get laughed at for your guffaw, do anything you want, learn more about the things you are passionate about, open our hearts to any kinds of experiences, and forget to take a bath sometimes. Sometimes we just have to ignore for a moment the things which the world reckons “important”.

They say that humans are naturally egocentric, self-centered, or selfish. However, when we become adults, have a stable job, eventually marry and have our own families, most of the time we do things for our children, thus we could just barely buy things for ourselves. So, are you in a hurry to grow up? At least in our teenage years, we do most things for ourselves. We eat everything anytime we want; we could sleep for hours and hours depending on how much rest is coveted by our bodies; we could devour lots of books greedily for our pastime; we could frolic on the meadows and act like little children; we could learn endlessly about the kinds of knowledge our brains yearn for; we could buy anything that we believe would make our skin smooth and pretty; and we could try to be experts in certain fields. Sounds REALLY selfish? Fortunately, there is a good side to that. These pampering of ourselves, ways of satisfying our desires, and doing whatever we want is our way of preparing for the dull and toilsome adulthood. After you graduate college, believe me – you’d want a time machine to enjoy life again. Your need for endless hours of sleep and insatiable appetite for food is your body’s way of saying that it’s on its way to physical maturity. Your great passions hint on what you could be professionally doing when you become an adult. Your need to always take care of your appearance, spend hours in taking a bath, and knowing the kinds of clothing that suit you prepare you to look presentable like a respectable pretty lady or handsome gentleman on the years when you’ll fully become a woman or a man.

Youth is the most beautiful period in our lives wherein we are molded by our environment, but mostly by ourselves, to be someone with a good purpose in life and a valuable place in this world. This is the time when we unconsciously and bit by bit say “byebye” to our precious childhood and slowly proceed to another stage in life. This is the time when we gradually look like what we are supposed to look – complete with feminine curves, soft facial features, and other touches of beauty and grace for girls; and masculine countenance, gentlemanly manners, prominent jawline, and traces or strength and nobility for boys – but with the added glow of freshness brought by the youthful years behind. This moment is critical for our development and path to be taken in life is decided by us – for we have long ago broken free from the overprotective grasp of our parents. We are no longer the gullible and vulnerable little children whom we used to be. We are in between maturity and immaturity. This is the time when we progressively define who we really are.

It would be better if we avoid growing up too fast and just enjoy the present condition that we are in. Little children who act like adults and avoid running outside to play pretty much lose so much of the joys that childhood has to offer. Every stage of life has its own benefits, comforts, and happenings that suit us. Every stage of life has its own beauty. Being a seventeen-year-old lass, I love how these youthful years make me true to my personality and enjoy life while letting me grow up and become a better person as time passes by. 


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