The Forbidden Kingdom

When man go through voyages, crazy about conquering lands
He’ll realize that the sublime kingdom is not where he stands
The greenness of foliage and the loveliness of flowers
Eventually wears out the eyes through the many passing hours.

Possibly the wonderful empire is very well hidden
But why should it be out of sight? Perhaps it was forbidden
The grandeur of the kingdom makes man literally breathless
Much powerful than your feeble form, it’ll get you in distress.

We have the sweet and harmonious singing of the little larks
But it has the always ravenous and murderous great sharks
It takes hours for the night to cover the sky with black linen
But it takes just an octopus ink for our world to darken.

Even pretty mermaids sing on rocks to cause the ship to wreck
To catch a glimpse of beauty under by the sea’s lure or beck
Just when strangers behold the signs of life beneath the waters
It robs them of their own lives – it’s how it silently batters.

It was indeed very magnificent, a secret little world
For you will find living jewels when the sea blanket is furled
As you don’t belong to that kingdom, it will get you betrayed
As the octopus hugs you, you will find your airway dismayed.

Compared to the ruined earth, its splendor is indeed unmatched
As to not spoil its beauty, it desires to remain untouched
It is the abode where mermen and mermaids sit on their thrones,
The forbidden dangerous kingdom is better left alone.



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