The Fiery Sun

This isn’t a comfortable planet to live in anymore.

As I am fond of reading the classics, I always think (and some people who know me very well know that I do) that maybe that I wasn't meant to live in the 21st century. I’d rather be glad to use a time machine to live one or two centuries earlier. And, if reincarnation was true, I guess I was reincarnated from the 18th or 19th century. Perhaps I was a princess in a castle or something of that sort. *wink* I have reasons to think that I really don’t belong in this time, but then maybe I was given a very hard mission, for society considers me weird and it’s really strange that I have foreign features when my parents are both Filipinos and all the members of my family ordinarily look like Filipinos while I do not. Someone told me that maybe I just have inherited the recessive traits of my ancestors for my beloved grandmother from my father’s side had a Spanish grandfather. Also, although my family is poor, some people mistake me for a rich man’s daughter and they obstinately believe that I really am in spite of my constant denial for my actions are contrary to the stereotyped actions of a poor man’s child according to them. Well, it may also be because of my face which was already seen as a bit snobbish when I was still a baby and which now still looks like a snobbish face of an accomplished lady who is aristocratic. (I am not too ambitious, am I? :p) I am not stating my misfortune of having these physical traits; but if I was just placed in Persia, I am sure that Persians wouldn't find me weird. However, I’d gladly inhabit Spain (one or two centuries earlier hopefully) so I could experience wearing a long and puffy silk dress with a petticoat inside, a flowery hat, and a parasol over my head even though I would just buy two pieces of candy on a store.

Anyway, I’ll leave the mystery of life to itself. Right now, I am thinking of one reason why this isn't a comfortable planet to live in anymore and why I’d like to go centuries back. I experience it every noon and afternoon. This isn't really like this when I was a child, you know. It feels like I already feel just a bit of hell with this unendurable heat that we experience. It’s a shame that until now I do not know the difference between global warming and greenhouse effect, but they’re the ones to blame for all the torturous heat we experience every noon and afternoon. It wasn't like this before. Decades or centuries ago, young ladies about my age still dare to go on picnics during the afternoons. They go out to expose their white and rosy faces to be illuminated by the sun. They still enjoy the gentle warmth of the sun and the soothing breeze, but the combination of the fiery sun and the outrageous blows of the wind nowadays just drive me crazy, for they are opposites which confuse my body. I guess I couldn't put the blame to women if their virtue of modesty has gone for the heat is really hard to bear – or perhaps the heat of the sun adds to the heat of moment, to the excitement that a man and a woman feel when they are together alone. Even my flushed cheeks are glowing hot now. I am not really sure what heat stroke is, but I know that it is deadly and I am now afraid to die. Right now, I am sorry for how much electricity I am going to waste for I really need the help of an electric fan. I used to hate electric fans because I am the type of person who shivers easily at the slightest touch of coldness, but they are really useful after all.

I wonder if the sun is angry to mankind or if it was just me who’s the object of its wrath. The sun loved me when I was a little girl because I used to refuse sleeping in the afternoons for they rob me of my liberty to go out and explore things, and to go on adventures of my own. Sometimes I couldn't really count on my baby sister before to accompany me in my imaginary voyage for she had a pleasant but frail disposition and was a lover of milk and sleep, while I always hungered for the things out in the world which are waiting to be discovered. Although my father used to call me “Theatot” for I was payatot or skinny, the sun loved to smile at me for I wasn't taking its presence for granted. A child really ought to go outdoors whenever possible, for the sun makes us happy. I just realized that I was happier when I was younger than now because I was always playing outdoors. I know that children who just lock themselves up in their rooms while playing computer games aren't having a happy childhood to be fondly remembered when they grow up for they choose to miss the opportunity of communing with nature and having adrenaline rush while playing tag. Well, as you know, the sun is emotional like a woman. If it gets too excited, it gives off more heat – and that is why I thought that she’s having fits of temper now for the heat now is really intolerable. Could the sun be mad at me for she’s missing being in touch with me? Okay, maybe I am just influenced by fairy tales and animism but the truth is that they don’t even know what’s going on with the world. Maybe God’s wrath is just beginning to pour. Perhaps the first angel has already been pouring the liquid contained by the vessel he is holding out into the earth. Yes, maybe that is the reason. Maybe this unbearable heat is just a tiny drop of God’s wrath and He just loves us too much that he wants us to be reminded that Jesus’ coming is near. He wants us to prepare as early as possible, and not in the last minute, for that would be too late. However, people just ignore the heat and proceed with their own business which is the most important thing for them. Little do they know that it is the invisible things which are eternal.

We are lucky that the sun still shines for us. What would we do if the Great One already permitted the seven plagues to destroy this planet and the sun would already refuse to shine to remind us of the joys of life? 


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