Lost Darling

It seems like the earth had its colors washed away
Looking for my lost darling, I had gone astray
Flowers in my heart have all gone withered and dead
‘Cause when that precious soul left, I was left with dread.

For a long time he was buried deep in my heart
Doe-eyed in my reveries, he’s as fine as hart
For ages I have kept my faith and hope and beams
He’s naive of how I longed for him in my dreams.

The fairies rung bells when he bestowed me a kiss
The heaven’s gate opened, I lived through divine bliss
The angels made me taste tender peace from above
As the afternoon sun set with pink shades of love.

But then my love suddenly ran away from me
Motionless in bewilderment, “How could this be?”
Drenched in agony, cried while staring at the stars
“Take care of my lost darling, while he is afar.”


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