When a promise was made by two young hearts...

…would you faithfully hold on to it?

Isn't it very ridiculous to fall in love with a lad whom you haven’t even met? Isn’t it very idealistic to hold on to promises like, “Please don’t search for another lover. I will love you for the rest of my life.”? Admittedly, it was really very idealistic of me to do so. I love a man who’s miles apart from me. I love a man whom I don’t know personally. We gave in to our young whims and passion, and we based our love from an intense attraction – an attraction which cannot be explained by anything, except by destiny.

I am known for being romantic, impractical, and naive  especially when it comes to the matters of the heart. I was eleven then when I first experienced puppy love, as the old ones would call it, because of the young ages of the ones involved in it however intense their feelings are. I've had my first love, and second, third, fourth, and so on – that I've finally learned that true love couldn't be easily found, and that I have to kiss lots of frogs before I find my prince. I was constantly searching for true love when I should be paying attention to my studies. However, I thought that devoting one’s high school life to studies only would make that person dull, dull, and dull.

However, this lad is different. Okay, maybe not, for there are lots of handsome men with the same charms and masculinity as him, but the fact that we accidentally knew each other engraved in my mind that he may be the man of my dreams that I have always been mentioning in my prayers because of the cliche that everything happens for a reason. My senses tell me that he is perfect, and even his quirks are charming. Something tells me that he may be the one for me, because we have a lot in common. And, perhaps, we think of each other the same way. Yes, similarities breed attraction; and although I may have lots of similarities too with my ex-beaux, I feel like this guy is my other half.

Forgive this little lady for being too mushy, for love really makes humans corny. Love can make us do completely silly things. Because fate doesn't permit us to look into each other’s eyes yet, I do things to prepare for the future, like studying very well and taking care of my appearance. And because he didn’t want his promises to prevent me from enjoying my life, I entertain suitors but I’d certainly save my all for him. I can have many crushes, I can like someone back, but in the end, there’s only one that I want to love – and that is him. We can have all these college years for enjoyment and learning, and we’d just be surprised after how we would have become a full-grown man and a woman.

This is how powerful love is. We may be separated by distance and language barrier, but we still have this special feeling toward each other. The mystery of the future enchants us that we couldn't help sometimes but daydream about our future with each other. We don’t know if there would be sparks between us, but we firmly believe that there would be. There are lots of potential love interests around, but we still look forward to seeing each other. Each other’s physical presence may bring us peace of mind and bliss to our hopeful hearts.

Promises made by impulses of immaturity may not be counted on, but what keeps us holding on is the “love” to each other that we believe we feel. As time passes by quickly until the “right time” that we've always been waiting for comes, we will just have a little bit of faith, hope, and love to hold on to, and hopefully someday we’ll find the answers to our questions.


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