Mysteries during Sleep

Miracles and mysteries happen when we sleep. We are defenseless during our sleep, that’s why beings from the spiritual realm are active during nighttime. Maybe that is also why people are naturally afraid of the dark. We get afraid during the time when lots of people are already asleep. Our intuitions really don’t fail us, because whenever we feel creepy, there really is something creepy going on which may not be visible to our naked eyes.

Whenever I get a good sleep and I wake up happy in the morning, although it’s already noon, I feel like an angel (or angels, because some people surely didn’t ask for their angels’ protection before they sleep so they probably came to me), is responsible for this. While I am unconscious as the critical time for evil spirits to destroy humans during nighttime passes by, an angel may be lulling me to sleep while caressing my curly hair. My angel looks at my face as my visage reminds me of God, whom my angel is really serving. My angel couldn’t help but smile as he (I’m supposing he is male although angels are genderless.) observes the way I look harmless, the way I breathe, the way I sleep-talk, and maybe also the way I unintentionally let my pillows and blanket fall off my bed, because of the unconditional love that he also has for me. He came from a heavenly place which is full of love and bliss, and he may also be hoping that I’d be able to get into that place one day, and take an eternal rest from the struggles I have on earth.

I also know that he wouldn’t be equipped with a shield and a sword for nothing. There are times when I wake up having a mysterious cut or bruise on my face, arms, legs, or wherever. I know that I surely didn’t hurt myself while I sleep because I am a nail biter and my nails are really short. Perhaps an ugly evil creature tried to harm me while I sleep – by flinging his own massive body to mine which is obviously fragile (probably to paralyze me until I die), asphyxiating me by wringing my delicate neck (so I couldn’t produce a sound when I try to get help), or just glare at me the whole night so he could appear in my dream and make me paranoid and terrified when I wake up (If I’m still lucky to wake up). Or maybe the evil spirit just has long fingernails; and that, perhaps, caused my strange cuts and bruises. And my guardian angel possibly won the fight, because the evil spirit could only cut my skin, but my angel prevented him from killing me. These horrible creatures hate me with all their being because I look like my Father. I look like God. They hate God.
Some people love to sleep because they are lazy. Some people underestimate the value of sleep, and only get a few (like three or less) hours of sleep each day. I personally think that sleep was one of the gifts that God has bestowed his creations. Better things also happen while we sleep. Our body tissues repair and our cells regenerate. Our body heals itself. When we don’t get enough sleep, we poorly perform our daily activities and we become grouchy. When Adam fell asleep, God took a rib from him and he formed a woman named Eve. Thus, he had a companion who complemented him perfectly. That is another reason why I think sleep is just one of God’s ways to show us his love. I also noticed that I feel safe when I sleep. There is also a sense of peace after waking up – except of course, when we find out that we are already late for our first class in the morning.

I personally feel vulnerable when I lie in my bed despite the comfort. I lose the feeling of being a strong seventeen year-old girl and I feel like an innocent three year-old again. I think age is just a number, and it may just be parallel to the experiences we have in life, but we are still as innocent, gullible, and helpless as when we were little children. Whatever our ages may be, we still need affectionate touches and someone who would lull us to sleep; and although some people may be deprived of that, certainly angels are always there for their protection anytime and anywhere, if they’d realize that they need it and would ask for it.


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