Can't Cry Hard Enough

This song that I just used to hear on afternoons a few years back suddenly had a precious meaning to me an hour ago. I just learned that this special guy and I share the same feelings toward this song – we actually listen to this to cry our hearts out. This is one of our favorites. He actually memorized the lyrics.

Unfortunately, he couldn't sing it to me (for it is dancing which he is good at), so he asked me to sing it for him instead on the day we’ll meet. And that’s maybe after three months. We still have to wait for that long. He told me that maybe he would cry as I sing to him that song. After he said it, my mind wandered, maybe a little bit too far, because I imagined his head resting on my lap as I sit on a bench on a starry night as I sweetly sing to him and he is crying bitterly. As he is a man of few words, I wondered what he meant when he said that maybe he would cry as I sing to him that song. I wondered if it was just because of the emotional nature of the song, or the song would just help him in crying his heart out. I wondered if it was his overwhelming feelings for me that he’d cry out. Perhaps he’d be crying for joy that we would have finally met after almost a year of longing for each other. Or he may be crying because of satisfaction – that meeting me was worth the wait.

Anyway, I was just very glad to discover another thing in common between us. It’s not the song, but the way we get overly mushy and sentimental. I actually think that it’s sweet. I think we both love passionately, because he listens to this song whenever he gets frustrated with girls. No, it isn't bad at all; it’s just a sign that he loves deeply. It’s actually a good thing that we both love passionately.

Now, this song, from now on, will make me remember him whenever it plays. If possible, we could make this our theme song. But for now, this is just another precious thing about him that I’ll bury in my heart.


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