Should we fret over a pimple?

I don’t know why pimples have to exist. Perhaps acne also came out of Pandora’s Box just like any other evils on this earth. Teenage nightmares don’t only happen when they are asleep; because seeing even just one unsightly bump on your face called zit just after you wake up is a very bad nightmare.

You are probably getting an idea now of what I have  right now. Yes, I currently have damn evil pimples that ruined why face and that fact also deteriorates my self-confidence. I’ve suffered from acne since I entered puberty, and I wonder why there are so many people out there who aren’t even hygienic but aren’t pestered by acne just because of heredity. Perhaps if you happened to be a close friend of mine, you would probably hit me on the head and tell me to stop whining because my pimples aren’t even noticed unless you’d invade my personal space. I guess I’m just concerned about attaining perfection which I obviously would never attain, since I couldn’t even get a perfect and flawless skin.

Well, in the world of girls, jealousy is always present. The eyes are always alert for small imperfections. The lips are always ready to spread gossips. And when you are not around, expect to be backstabbed. That’s how girls are. I am not generalizing, but for a large number of female species, this is true. Every girl wants to be beautiful, and the most beautiful of them all. A beautiful girl believes that she is ten times more beautiful than she actually is. An average girl believes she has an extraordinary beauty. And even an ugly girl hopes to be beautiful in the eyes of others even though she already knows how she actually looks in front of a mirror.

Girls are egotistical, too. However, all girls have lots of insecurities – even the “almost perfect” ones. That is why they expect their boyfriends to always say that they are always beautiful. Some girls get jealous of girls with much sex appeal because perhaps the essence of the existence of girls is to find a mate to assure them of their beauty. Girls with no boyfriends or SERIOUS boyfriends feel ugly – and that’s a fact.

In the world of girls, they only have few close friends whom they treat as their sisters. The rest of them are their rivals, in terms of beauty, brains, and abilities. Yes, beauty really comes first. When a random beautiful girl makes all the boys swoon in her presence, the girls around are quick to spot her flaws, and alert to witness her mistakes to assure themselves that she isn’t perfect and there is nothing to be jealous about.

Beautiful girls aren’t always lying on a bed of roses. They actually gain only a few true friends who aren’t jealous of them. Some girls may give them a cold shoulder, sometimes because of intimidation. They also gain haters. Most of the haters hate secretly – and secretly get happy too to witness a pretty girl’s petty failure or embarrassment.

Now, how about this small pimple that ruins your pretty face? Don’t worry about it – all girls have that. Confidence makes it invisible. People won’t notice it if you don’t even care about it. Sometimes, it’s just the confidence which makes a girl more beautiful. When she knows how pretty she is, and doesn’t  care about what other people think, admiration from here and there follows. However, together with the males’ attention comes insecurity from other girls. It’s normal, so don’t feel bad about it. Insecure girls suffer from their low self esteem so they are the losers in the end. Just focus on your self-worth and your flaws which need to be treated, not on those little people who spend time criticizing others instead of improving their own selves. 
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