Like a widowed grandma who waits for her turn to die
Like a little girl who weeps to her rag doll, “Goodbye,”
I wait for my beloved lad whom I don’t even know
Whom I loved though only in my dreams he shows.

You opened this delicate heart, completely undressed
By the spirit of misery perhaps I’m possessed
I live only through the sweetness of your tender words,
Memories of your voice as melodious as the birds’.

Like an old dog who waits for its departed owner
Like a youngster expecting the last school bus that left
I envision that I’ll hold your noble flesh sooner
But the fact that I cannot is more heinous than theft.

I whisper to the chilly air, please make me forget
But it blows back your memories, it makes me upset
Perhaps my heart regards you so precious, so holy
So I crave for your love with beautiful melancholy.


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