You promised me marriage, you promised me forever
Like a father who said he’d bring home with him lollipops
Like a kid I was left hanging and hoping as ever
Would not ever go to sleep, to sob would never stop.

I get lost in every love song played in the diner
Having wistful reveries that we’d dine soon together
Even the gentle night flashes me ethereal dreams
That you tenderly hugged and kissed me as the moon beams.

Things between us are vague and our future’s uncertain
Even you reckon that our souls will meet only by chance
My eyes plead at the stars as I hold the silk curtain
Let my longing eyes see my other half in a glance.

However hard I try to turn my back on my feelings
I am still engulfed by the shadows of your love
My pillow is the witness on how I yearn for you, darling
At the right time, I pray, we’ll be blessed by the One above.


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